What am I doing wrong?

Luebeck, Germany
I've had five razors up for sale here for over a week now. It was six originally, I've already managed to sell the Option five. ( Have a lot of fun with it Guy :) )
I've already dropped the prices once, but despite well over 600 views, I haven't had one offer. Can somebody who knows the market a bit take a look at them for me and tell me why there is so little interest? Is it the prices? The razors themselves? It would interest me to know that's all, I though my taste in DE razors was pretty mainstream. I never dreamed I'd have such difficulty tryng to sell them on.
- The razors listed don't seem to be what people want right now
- The prices aren't bargains, which could have swayed some into an impulse buy
- Considering the prices are not bargains, it means you may need to wait longer for takers
- This forum may not be the place where they're going to sell quickest

Seems fairly straightforward to me.
If you’re getting impatient then eBay will give you a bigger audience, you just have to pay the fees. Auction or buy it now with/without ‘best offer’ option and they could all be gone within days.
You could try discounts if more than 1 razor is purchased or if you have any products you don't use throw them in as a freebie even just some sample packs of blades, if you want to get the newbies interested you could do a bit of a starter kit with any chosen razor. Hope that's helpful
Hi mate.

Pictures pictures pictures. I use eBay every so often and when I do I get asked how I manage to get the top end of sale prices.

My advice is pictures. These genuinely can sell items without descriptions. Take lots of photos and chose a selection of the best ones. Don’t try to be too artistic with backgrounds. A plain white background is best as it looks clean and provides good light for your camera.

Chose the layout of your advert. I’ve had a quick glance at what you have for sale and you have included lots of good stuff, but I had to scroll up and down to match the descriptions to the pictures. It may be better if you have picture(s) of one item then the description below that item. Then the next item followed by description and so on.

Be prepared to list items individually or only a few items per post. Too much in one post will cause potential buyers to scroll on. When buyers are searching for a particular item they want to find it easily. As mentioned already, if you’re happy to for multi buy discounts say so. If the items are listed separately put in links between the posts. Make it easy for the buyer.

Focus on the positives. If it’s a big saving on the new price say that (though don’t compare it to the highest price you can find. People check). Try not to include why you don’t like a particular item. That will put off the majority of buyers straight away. If there are negatives with certain items mention them at the end - not the beginning (as soon as someone reads a negative they move on, but if you’ve already got their attention with all the good points you’re half way towards a sale!). Take photos of the not so good points, as this will show you’re a trustworthy seller. And on that last sentence.....”not so good points” is a great phrase to use!!

Try not to negotiate with potential buyers in public. Take to private messages. Always kindly decline offers if they are too low. Ridiculous offers are usually made by someone who knows the market and is testing your knowledge, so do your homework. You never know, being nice might make the buyer increase their offer, or you might eventually lower your price to what they offered if it doesn’t sell. Would you want to do business with a rude seller?

The final thing is make sure your price is realistic and if you are prepared to negotiate have a lowest acceptable price in your head. Be prepared for chancers though!

A good advert takes a little bit of time but it’s absolutely worth it in the end!

Hope this helps!

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@GordyC great advice, especially about pics and having info about each item next to the photo of that item to avoid unnecessary scrolling.

I went through a stage when I was playing golf more, when I obsessively tried different clubs out. This let to a fair bit of eBay buying and selling. I was amazed at the amount of blurred photos and poor descriptions out there, for what were actually good items. It really does affect the selling price and is worth taking your time over. I used to clean them thoroughly, down to running wet cotton buds across the clubface grooves and any nook and cranny that had dirt on it. I’d also take photos in daylight against good backgrounds as they look so much better. I even used to put up the folding pool table as the pics looked great against the green cloth! Also with auctions I’d have them end on a Sunday evening, as generally people are relaxing at home and less likely to forget to bid, so this pushes the price up. Why have an auction end at 10am on a weekday morning when the chances are people are working and forget it’s ending?

Good point too about being honest. I would highlight any defect, however small, and photograph it. I’ve also sold badminton rackets and would photo and describe any paint chipping round the frame, etc. People appreciate honesty and it can even push the price up. If you are honest, package stuff well and post stuff quickly, you’ll soon build up good positive feedback on eBay which will help people know you are a trustworthy seller. Whatever I sell, the last thing I want is for the buyer to claim the condition was worse than described / photographed.
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