What’s your ultimate/favourite shave cream of all time and why?

Kent, Vitos, Proraso, Wars(Poland), Figaro and Barbon(Hungary), Tobs, GFTrumper, Palmolive especially Menthol. These are my favourite ones I can think of at the moment, most creams performs great. I think it would be easier to mention the creams that do not perform good, from my experience Old Spice creams don't perform good and so as Dettol from India.
There are some exceptions like; they smell disgusting but perform great like Body Shop M.Root, I can't say it is a bad cream only because of scent.
You're not the first one to reference that Maca Root is a bit of a promite option. I'm the same with palmolive soap - the smell is very average for me but I park that for the performance.
Gentlemen's Face Care Club must be the most consistent performer for me. Only used the original/sandalwood - bloody marvellous stuff.

I'm curious what the the more recent additions smell like. I'm sure they will perform just the same.

And look at the price of the stuff!
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