What’s your definition of “need a shave”?

I know YMMV.
I’ve just considered the above whilst shaving.
1.You need a shave if you look like you need it.
2.You need a shave if you’re face feels like it needs it.

I considered a 3rd option. The ideal time for maintenance.

What I mean is I need a shave by criteria 1 or 2 at 36 hours.
But at around 24 hours I don’t meet criteria 1 or 2. But a shave at this point gives as close to a BBS as I ever get.

Your thoughts please?
I shave because hairs happen to grow out of my face. I'd rather they didn't, but they do, so in the immortal words of Edmund Blackadder: "Needs must, when the devil vomits into your kettle."

I shave about 2 days after the previous one, give or take a few hours. Minimum of a day and a half gap, 3 days absolute max. Suits me for now, at some point I may experiment with shaving every day for a week and see how my skin likes it.

Time of day varies due to working shifts. Early shift = mid afternoon shave, late shift = 9am shave. Try to shave whilst have house to myself as its simply more relaxing. Late night shaves can give a nice relaxing feel when retiring for the night, but I prefer to shave during daylight generally.
A daily process for me as I can feel it when I touch my face. I stopped ATG so growth comes back in a day.

If I leave it more than 48 hours then shaving becomes an issue. I'm more prone to cuts and it can be painful.

So it is down to feel and need for me.

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I shave every other day because it's a nice balance of 'more than I used to' and 'not too often'. everyday? couldn't be bothered. more than 4 days and I need to do it, unless I'm growing a beard. it gets itchy after a week or 10 days so there's another criteria
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