Well would you believe it!

An interesting Gold Dollar razor-

Well of course having started a post about Chinese Merkur clones which seemed popular I had to try this didn't I?

I've tried Chinese Straight razors a few times and I've found with care they can be made to work well. Anyway this new offering impressed me from the outset. It is very well made and finished, albeit a little short (which actually suits me well) All I did when I first tried it was to strop it. It shaved fairly well but not great. I spent a few minutes with a 20k hone to see if it would smooth it. Good news- it did. Use and stropping seem to be improving it. I think it'll need a full but careful honing session to get it really good- but it's so close I may leave it for now.

At this price you need to try it- imho it looks better in the flesh than the photos in the listing.

Have fun!
I do not have the patience to make a Gold Dollar good, but I have 4 GD that others have spent the time on - they are perfectly fine razors when set up properly. This one looks great too. Tempted!
It was one of my first GD's that I bought, and when I started working on it, I managed to break the scales. Clumsy, I know, but they are a bit brittle so take care. Rescaled it, and after a lot of honing got a good edge.

Now it shaves like a dream, easy to maintain the edge. One of my favourites.

Very thin grind for a GD. Lots of audible feedback.
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