Caught myself a treat on the chin an hour ago, only just stopped bleeding.
Anyone got any tips or product recommendations to help with this? I've got a styptic pencil but it just didn't cut it (pardon the pun) with this one.
I started with the proraso gel which works well enough though what with the smearing method of application you end up with a huge white patch until you rub it off. Recently I bought a few books of styptic matches which allow a more precise application and leave the same chalky residue, these seem to work just as well.
I haven't tried an septic pencil.
Had a couple of weepers recently. I wet the block with cold water then apply to the effected area, wait a bit then rinse with cold water. That did the trick. Rinse the block after with cold water and dry.
I am currently using the Edwin Jagger block but there are plenty of others to choose from.
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