Vulfix 404 Grosvenor Mixed Badger and Boar Shaving Brush

I found this thread by doing a search for reviews. Thought I'd just add my thoughts . Didn't know this was not allowed!! Unless a product has changed, then why not keep all reviews together. If any previous posters have upgraded from this brush, the I'd welcome their thoughts,.
Buy one cheap as chips an excellent performer and the handle is worth it if you don't like the brush.
@Roy you can't really compare it to a more expensive best badger or silvertip brush because it's a boar/badger mix. Boar has very different properties to badger. Mainly it's stiffer and scrubbier (at least at first). Also a lot of it comes down to preference my silvertip stays in the cupboard, my 404 and cheap horse get used every day.