Vulfix 404 Grosvenor Mixed Badger and Boar Shaving Brush

New Forest, England.
Some facts:

Another in the Vulfix London Series, the 404 Grosvenor loft combines a mixture of Badger Hair and Boar Bristle.
The handle is lathe turned in faux ivory and hand polished.
The mixed Badger/Boar Loft is hand-filled.
Ht: 100 mm Loft: 53 mm Base: 47 mm Knot: 21 mm
Hand-Crafted in Isle of Man, by Progress Vulfix

Price £7.60.

Some opinions

SirPrize suggested this brush to me after seeing my 'Ultimate brush thread" Being about £243 below the maximum I would spend on a brush it was a suggestion that I had to follow up. I'm glad I did.
When it arrived it was a good excuse to work through a few soaps and creams to speed up breaking in. It is a fairly stiff brush that really digs into soaps but performs well with creams as well. It is already pleasantly soft for face lathering but firm enough to give a feel of decent exfoliating. Its lathering is highly effective. It is a really well made brush - the handle looks and feels good.
At £7.60 this surely has to be as good as any budget priced brush. Much as I like the Semogue brushes, this is a wonderful UK brush alternative now about half the price of it's much publicised competitor. In my view it is even better made. The handle really does look as though it's made to last.

This is extraordinary value for money.

I confess this is very much an interim review after just two shaves. But I have usually found that my brushes improve with use. I don't see this being the exception.

Thank you for the recommendation SirPrize - clearly a discerning gentleman who can spot a bargain.

It's tremendous value for money and it will soften up with further use. I would prefer to use this than many boars and low to middle end badgers at near 5 times the price that's for sure, for the price of a tub of cream how can you go wrong. I second that recommendation.
best value for money brush there is - simple

it's the ideal mix of backbone and heat\water retention and not so dense that it hogs lather
Actually mine looks different, with a larger handle and possibly a larger knot, seems they may have changed the design or I picked up old stock, either way it's £7 brush so it's still excellent value.
Thank's Fido for the review,I received my 404 today and also finished work early due to the weather (snow) so off to the bathroom and after a couple of trial runs with some ingrams cream "WOW" I made the best lather yet easily outshining my wilkinson brush :D must add though it does hold a lot more water so found it easier to start with the brush just damp,well chuffed thankyou,
Regards Kev. :shave :shave
i found that if you don't do that with this brush you'll have water running off it while your trying to build your lather.

it also easier to add water than trying to get the ratio right by using more soap\cream
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