Vitos (Green) Shaving Soap

Used the red today and created an explosion of slick, cushioning lather in no time. Love using a big boar knot on it. Vastly superior to 3P for me and it tops Cella too. I simply bought a portion from those wonderful chaps at Gemstone Trading and when other shaving mediums go down, I can see me buying the big block.
Buy it now! The tallow versions are being replaced with a vegan formula this year.


Well I received a generous portion of Red from Paul and have been using it frequently...I find it very hard to find a differrence, if there is one, it may be that the Red lathers ever so slightly quicker....but that really is too hard to call...also, it may just be a tad creamier/thicker in again a shorter time...but all this could be imagination, it is a fantastic soap and I would like to thank Paul again for giving me the oppertunity to try it and compare it.
You are welcome Bob. P.
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