Using an Adjustable

Hi all,
I’m trying my Merkur Progress for the first time tonight.
I’m planning to use it on a mid setting for first and second pass and mild setting for for final ATG on my neck and throat.

I’ve read three schools of thought.

Set it and forget it.
More aggressive with each pass.
Less aggressive with each pass.

Your thoughts please?
Silly Suffolk
I usually set my Progress/Mergress/Digress razors to somewhere between 2 and 3, depending on the blade I'm using.

Personally, I don't bother with changing ithe setting during the 3 days that razor is in use.

I'd try to find the best setting for you, and stay with that. To do so, you may need to do some in-shave adjustments initially, but that should be it.
There is literally no point in changing the settings during a shave.

While some settings may allow you to enjoy using the razor more (some people may like 2, where others like 7 etc), it does not shave any closer on one than another.

Proper technique is all that matters.
This is an interesting read from Mark

Good luck and remember YMMV.

I find it hard to believe that someone with as much experience would muck around with settings during a shave.

If the blade was touching your face at setting 2, and the blade is touching your face at setting 4, the hair should be almost completely removed on either pass.

One setting may feel different to another, but should not shave any differently. Pick your favourite setting and enjoy.
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As someone once said, "the trouble with adjustables is......people tend to adjust them". You try this setting, you try another, then another... and end up getting nowhere.

Like many have said on this thread already, find your sweet spot, and stick with it. For me, it's just over 3 on my Mergress.

Saying that, it begs the question, why bother with an adjustable at all, if you're not going to adjust it? Well, that's part of the weirdness of this whole shaving thing, I guess.
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