Closed TSR Pass Around - Scheermonnik SOEK Soap - Moved from Vendor Offers


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Evening @nick_s

Just a quick update to the thread to let you know I have posted it on to @Danny Fitz on Thursday.
Enjoy it Danny! :)

Ok so my initial thought was the scent that really woke me up as soon as I opened the tin. Wow it is certainly pungent and remains with you throughout and indeed beyond the shave.
At first I was not sure if I liked it but it certainly reminded me of Christmas time drinking mulled wine in front of my open fire.
I have recently purchased a scuttle and I must say that I became really attached to the scent when lathering with a hot scuttle. It transformed it for me. I paired the soap with L'Occitaine Cade EDT and it was lovely.

I like the tin and the design although if I was being critical I would of liked the tin a little larger. It certainly would not work if I was to try and load my Maseto 30mm brush using this tin.

Now to the lather. Really impressed with both face lathering and bowl lathering. Copious amounts of lather with very little soap. A beautiful shiny lather was obtained every time with the right amount of water.

The cushion, slickness and residue slickness was top of the tree for me. Amongst some of the best I have tried. Post shave left my skin feeling lovely without the need for balm dare I say.

I understand that this soap is a little pricey but I think I would be more than happy to take a punt.

Many thanks once again to @nick_s and @Shaving Station for the opportunity.
I shall be in touch. ;)
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