Truefitt & Hill 1805

West Country
I haven't bought any Truefitt & Hill Shaving Cream for some years, although it was always a favourite. Anyway, I bought one from Executive SC and was initially disappointed to find that it had changed in appearance and texture to a more soft and gloopy consistency.

The fragrance is unchanged - a Cologne like oceanic smell that lingers even after a shower - marvellous.

I am pleased to report that the change is, in my opinion, an improvement. Protection and razor glide are excellent, little is needed and it works very well with a 'brush & dip' method and face lathering. Even a thin layer on the fourth pass does the job remarkably well and the high glycerin content works well with our very hard water.

My favourite cream at the moment, but Santa is bringing some Executive Shaving Original and Bay Rum so I shall soon be able to compare.
Can’t comment on the 1805 (next on my “to try” list) but I used their No 10 cream this morning. Lathered up well more in an Italian meringue way than foamy. Shaves really well and left my face smooth and not dry like ToBS does - which is not a biggie as I use a balm straight after shaving. All in all No 10 has just become my favourite
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