Timeless 0.95


After being more than delighted with my 0.68 I took the opportunity on the BST for a 0.95 since I read nothing but praise. The big difference is obviously in the blade gap and for me it is positively huge. But what a performer and blissfully smooth. A very fine shave on just the first pass. An agressive razor with a mild manner. Makes easy work of a few days growth and less irritating than me.

Manufacturing quality is everything I would expect and my only gripe is that I am not too enamoured by the Matt finish, but you can't have everything.

No photos at the moment as I am away at work and have brought my new to life SE's with me as I become accustomed to this one less sharp edge malarkey.

As a DE it is up there at the top of my list and a most definite 'keep for life' bit of kit. A 0.68 on amphetamines
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