Thoughts on Samual Windsor

Anyone ordered anything off of this site?

Its the shoe section I am really looking at although they the shirts look ok

The prices look good but dont want them to turn out to be just a rebranded Primark.

Also the shoes in that link, what kind of thing would you wear them wihj?
I'm afraid that I have to disagree. I bought a pair of their black brogues a few years ago and, with judicious use of my local cobbler, was able to get them to last a couple years, at which point the uppers were failing. By contrast, my brown Loake 1880s are getting on for twice that old, have yet to need any work and look even better than when they were new.

Yes, the Samuel Windsor shoes may workout a bit cheaper per wear, even then, but I would think that a pair of Indian-made Loakes - or even a pair of Clarks - would likely represent better value in the long run.

Have found a HUKD page. Its a complete 50/50 split on opinion.

Looks like you either get well made or utter rubbish.

Think I may avoid them

The other site I was looking at was Herring. Has anyone bought their own branded shoes there?
I have a couple of pairs of their shoes. For the price, I think they are decent. I have not had a great deal of wear out of them so I cannot comment on their longevity. I would prefer the leather on the uppers to be a bit softer - but then again they are not expensive shoes.

As for the ones in the link, I would wear them with chinos and a shirt
barberbob said:
The other site I was looking at was Herring. Has anyone bought their own branded shoes there?
I've never been a customer of Herring, but I know that many of their shoes are made by the likes of Cheaney and Loake, amongst others, so will be of excellent quality. They do offer some cheaper foreign-made lines too.
I had a pair. Lasted for about 18 months, after which the uppers were so beaten up they weren't worth re-soling. In the bin.

They are OK for the money, but something like Loake 1880 or even Sanders (from their fully leather lined range) will be cheaper long-term and look better, rather than worse, with age.
SW are very good. I've had quite a bit of clothing off them and two pairs of shoes. I have to say that I have been perfectly happy with all my purchases. In fact, my SW brogues with proper Goodyear-welted soles were so good, and only cost £45, it made me wonder about the logic of paying £200 plus for handmade.
SW have been good value for me over the years, I've had quite a few pairs of their Chelsea boots and the Monk shoes. Both of which bull up beautifully and which are suitable for casual or as dressy as I ( infrequently ) get. They aren't going to last a lifetime, however at two pairs for around under £50 I don't quibble. I've bought Herring own brand shoes and was happy with them.

JohnnyO. o/
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