They Shall Not Grow Old

i watched it, thought it was an absolutely fantastic film. the utter futility of it summed up with the last conversation when the bloke went back to work after the war, and someone said to him "where've you been, on night shift?"
Funnily enough; the comment about the night shifts - hit me for 6! Having experienced what they had; their efforts were not necessarily acknowledged.
I thought it was excellent. It's the first time I got a true sense of what it was really like but I think this was just the tip of the iceberg.

It should've been shown a lot earlier in the day and on BBC1.
It should be shown at every school too.

It's also strange that after seeing all the graphic images and hearing the harrowing accounts, it's the final sentence which floored me too. "Where you been I thought you were on nights?" How do you get over that?
Excellent...I also thought final scene in the last episode of Blackadder Goes Forth was poignant, powerful and a very special moment in British TV...the actors, by all accounts were also deeply moved filming it...

I thought it was amazing. I have probably seen most of the footage before....but colour brought it home. I also was struck by the final comments and nothing has changed. Civilians just can not comprehend what it is like to be in a war situation. I think that this film should be required viewing for all school children
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