The new Gillette ad

It's the way things are now (in the states). I'm glad I'm retired and at the end of this parade. I feel sorry for my son and two grandsons. The bottom line as far as I'm concerned. Guy's are only good for taking out the trash and being a punching bag at work; school, in movies, commercials, and another other time blame is needed. Oh I almost forgot. Us gents also seem to come in quite handy every time one of those pesky wars comes along.
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I'm confused, do Gillette want me to look or not?!

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This has nothing to do with me or anyone else being a "dick" or not. This is a piece of fiction invented by advertising professionals. Let's not confuse it with social reality.

It offends me, like any other piece of holier-than-thou manipulation designed to occupy the moral high ground, because it treats people like gullible idiots. Unfortunately the "stupid but well-meaning" citizen is part of US folklore (Forrest Gump etc.) and there is a tedious tendency in the US media to moralise to those who are assumed to be in need of it. The fact that so many people in the USA reacted angrily to this ad is ample proof that Americans can in fact think for themselves.
I agree but I fear it's only around 48%