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You may well already have heard about GoodShave but I think what they are doing is so admirable that I want to bring it up in case you were not aware of their existence and/or concept.

GoodShave has designed and selling a cartridge razor w/ an optional subscription plan.

The razor is about $12 and there is maybe not so much different about that (apart from that I rather like the design quite a bit) - the difference is this:

From their site:
"Our founder Mark Hurson was visiting his wife who donates her time at their local food bank.
Mark was stunned when he discovered there were only 2 razors available for a town of 50,000 people.

Volunteers at the foodbank explained that razors are a luxury item that most people could not afford to donate.
We feel there there is a direct connection between grooming and a persons sense of dignity and self esteem.

So for every razor we sell, we donate a razor to a someone in need."

I'm a strong believer in that something as "simple" as a nice haircut and well groomed face have a huge impact on how the world views you and to be able to extend that luxury to people in need - is a wonderful thing.

I discovered GoodShaves through one of my 'barber hereos' Joshua Coombes (who is in Exeter by the way :)) - who GoodShave now have a relationship with:

Some samples;

Anyhow, I know cartridge razors is not every wetshavers ideal razor but, if you're looking for one maybe consider this - or something along these lines and know that out there is someone who can shave because of you :)

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