The Eagle is Flying

Out of curiosity I bough a vintage Chinese razor called a Flying Eagle with the original case.
Wow! What a surprise shave. Very smooth and effective. In R41 territory if not better.
One of the best shaves I have, and it is only the first one.
The price is radicilous, about $10.
I feel it's a steal.
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Very well done on finding a great razor at a brilliant price, I looked at these razors myself as they looked interesting, after your review I may have to invest in one.
i was unaware of the open comb , i myself have a flying eagle with a safety bar ,, if memory serves me well if found it to be a good shaver, a touch too mutch blade feel for my tastes. has to be a least 2/3 years past .. needs a revisit i think , bargain price too less than £10 with P&P pre loved off the weeks razor sorted , :)
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