The best after shave balms...

I never pay much attention to these type of "The Best ..." articles. For some time, Aloe Vera Gel has been the best for me. It's not greasy, absorbs in no time, soothes and tones the skin, and is scent/parfum-free, thereby not interfering with any EDC/EDT/EDP you might want to use. Besides, it's very inexpensive compared to most balms.
Bingo!! Far too many cosmetic cos. operate on pure hype and little if any fact, i.e., total unadulterated, Morocan leather bound, gilded BS.

On another note, the other day I read an article by a dermatologist whereas he recommended to never use a moisturizer as the skin becomes so accustomed to having it slathered on that it decreases normal oil secretion. I buy that to a certain extent.

Search the forum and you’ll see how many members use Bart’s products. You’ll also see how highly the balms and aftershaves are rated.

1st class products. 1st class performance. Plus the tins let you try most of the range before you settle on one (or all!) of them.

Agreed. Bart's balms are excellent.

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If I’ve had a rough shave and have a few tender spots no other post shave product comes close to BBA aftershave balm. It’s the best one I’ve come across to calm the skin. Thankfully the rough shaves are few and far between so I don’t tend to use it that often but it’s good to have on hand.

I prefer to use aftershave splashes but if I use a balm it’s Myrsol Emulsion. It’s light and absorbs into the skin quickly. The face feel is excellent too.

I do have balms by Nivea and Dove which are both good but not in the same league a the two previously mentioned.

I’m yet to try any Bart’s products but will do in the future.