Testers wanted - not for Vegetarians

I have used both Signature and The Beef in recent days and I am probably swimming against the current but I prefer the Signature. Maybe I am biased by the scent as I reall like the neroli, but I enjoy using the Signature more.

I think it is probably that being a veggie soap it stands out more amongst all the tallow soaps I have collected now, and the slightly less heavy feeling and finish from the soap. I think the Signature is every bit as good as anything I have tried, up there with MdC. I absolutely love using it.

So please keep making it :)
Why not swim further upstream and grab some of Sharon's olive oil recipe while it is still grab-able? I slightly prefer it to Signature, maybe, I think. Yeah! Sure.

But The Beef is where it's at!
Ok thanks - you snooze you lose I guess! Soap arrived this morning so thanks for the great service - how about making a barbershop scented soap!!
Sheesh @rowlers I was just on the verge of printing labels with 'Traditional'. You is messin' with my head! And you know you is too late. I'm so indecisive and you go and do that!!:) But I think I'm going to go with 'Traditional'. Boring I know, and we all know this soap should have been called Soapy McSoapface. But I have gone with the majority in their opposition to Soapy McSoapface........I used to support majority votes, but hey, times change.
Thanks to @JayGee for that suggestion, which I will run with.