Taylor’s (TOBS) shaving creams

Happy new year wet shavers!

Was hoping some of the more experienced members could shed some light on the Taylor’s creams. Specifically how the Platinum and Jeremy Street ranges compare with the likes of Trumper’s Rose/Violet, T&H 1805 and other wet shaving soaps like Tabac, MdC, Palmolive stick, Speick stick and so on.

The Platinum comes highly recommended from outside the forums. I’m not one to just jump on to anything that gets recommended to me as my skin is really quite fussy. I can just about cope with something like Tabac soap which gives me no irritation, but lanolin content is usually a no-go (MWF/Kent, Wilkinson stick), as is menthol (SMN).

So, based on this will I like TOBS Platinum and/or Jermyn St?
if you look for tobs samples on t,bay ,you will find a selller in the uk selling samples of every TOBS cream ,only way to be sure if your skin is a problem , had similar problems myself with TOBS can use cedarwood , sensitive , but sandalwood makes my skin feel like i,m shaving with battery acid worth paying a few quid for a sample IMHO, good luck
North London
I have used Trumpers, Taylors, T&H and DR Harris from the London sellers. I prefer Taylors. I usually use Coconut, also used Grapefruit, Mr Taylors, Peppermint. Their Sandalwood, smells horrible. I haven't tried those specific ones you're asking about. They smell ok, when I've checked them out in the store.

I've found I get a much better, thick, creamy and protective lather, compared to the other brands. I face and bowl lather depending on my mood in the morning. I tried Trumpers Eucris (currently) after not using their creams since using TOBS and still prefer the the later. Every now and then I fancy a change from TOBS, and can't wait to use up which ever cream it is I have.

The Palmolive stick, gives a great lather and shave, the smell isn't as nice as the others, but then it costs a fraction of the price.
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