I have a few on arms and back ( biker tats, sleeve with club colours etc ) some of them must be 35 odd years old by now..

Back in the late seventies my mate had a cockerel hanging from a hang mans noose tattooed 2 inches below his knee.... He regularly used to say to the girlies I've got a cock hanging 2 inches below my knee, do you want to see it....well it broke the ice and got a few laughs anyway.
My wifes brother is a tattoo artist in Bali (indonesia) you can see his work here

I think he does some amazing things.
Somerset - UK
Cool ink ! Mine is a Hurricane Fighter being flown by Douglas Bader on Battle of Britain Day over the Thames with German Bombers being taken down .... It was going to be a "small" tattoo for my first (and only) and ended up 2/3 of my back lol

Jay :)
I've got a few. Right arm is Japanese sleeve. Koi dragon, cherry blossom, waves and a hannya mask. Others are old tattoos from my RN days. Need to get them covered up. My wide hates the old sailor tats. Lol.
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