ajh101 said:
I am told that the colours in a tattoo applied by bamboo, rather than needle last longer?
My fiancee has one from vietnam by tatoo behind her ear. She said it didn't hurt too much, I havent asked her if it dies last longer, I thought of getting a complete rubix cube, (my own weird symbolism theory) but was told no, a few razors were coming that week so I obeyed.
Always admired the beautiful ink -- never had the nerve to get any. I am wishing any medical necessity tattoo folks best luck.

When I was a young man I was keen to get a tattoo. I had a buddy (a United States Marine) and he was tough. I admired him and wanted to emulate him with a tattoo of my own. I went with him to get a tat on his left forearm. It was to be an eagle in full color. We had a few "strengtheners" before we hit the tat shop, and I was expecting to watch a painful masterpiece made.

After the needle began to buzz it was only fifteen or twenty minutes before my buddy called a break. Here's this huge Marine practically swooning before the tattoo is half done. I don't know if he ever went back to finish the tat, but it made an impression on me (no pun intended) and I've never had any tattoos done.

I admire the art, and I admire the stoicism, but I doubt that I will ever get a tattoo.
Mines are all shite 80's stuff. Have a look at the designs on the wall, have a look in the wallet, that'll do I suppose.
The level of skill has come a long way in Britain. That stuff back then was dire indeed but we thought it was way advanced compared to what the old boys had..just blue ink without colour.

50 quid was a lot of money as well when ya were earning 30 quid a week.
got two on my arm. both pretty crappy late 80s tribal bollocks. keep thinking i will get the big swoopy and fierce dragon i always fancied but the tightwad in me always pipes up with something like "ooh, why not get a new amp" " that wilshire looks nice in green.." " look! shiny shiny razors!".
i would stop listening to them but they are right to be honest. i would rather have something tangible to hold and use, something that i will get some practical use from, something i can punt on if times get hard-than a nice bit of ink. i guess its age =)