I've a few.

SWMBO's name on arm as well as both the kids names in Chinese, one on each arm. Seven stars on lower right arm and a large nautical star, and a large star on left arm, both on inside of arm. A Polynesian style arm band (all the way around) and a Gargoyle on top of right arm. On left arm at top I have a Sailor Jerry style Hula Girl.

Have several ideas of what I would like next, but first up will be a recolour of the stars as they weren't completed very well.
got a left arm full of tats, a peacock, butterflies, fuschia and cushag flowers, cherry blossom, a jasmine flower and a bible quote. my upper right arm has a skull, and dragon tattoo. stars on my chest, and a purple ohm tattoo on my right wrist which is the same design as an lsd blotter design. some of the tattooing on my upper left arm is a cover up of a footy hooliganesque tattoo of a bulldog and union jack.
wish id never bothered at all to be honest :D
p.b said:
I have 'sweet and sour pork' in Chinese on my left biceps

You do have a point. I did a lot of research before having my Chinese ones. I even paid someone. A while after having them done I went to the opticians and the optician was a young Chinese woman. She saw my tattoos and read them both and they translated exactly as they should. She even explained the characters how they were explained to me.