Synthetic recommendations please

Got Badger, Boar, and horse hair brushes but not tried a synthetic so would be grateful forr any recommendations. Looking for nice starter brush without spending daft money, to see if I like or not.
It apears there are only three major affordable types Mühle Black Fibre is available in German drugstores, the Yaqi Plissoft/Black Fibre's and the latest Tuxedo/Cashmere/Mew's etc Yaqi's available on Aliexpress.
I think @Benz3ne may be able to answer that, he's been using one for the past few months IIRC ;)
I can indeed. The ‘silvertip’ is fairly floppy but feels gorgeous on the face. You have to load a little harder with it but it’s not struggled with any of the softish soaps or creams I’ve thrown at it.
The ‘2-band’ is a lot stronger with notably more backbone but still soft and with little scritch even straight out of the box. I’ve found it a great brush to the point I don’t need anything else. Decent for the money. :) I personally prefer the ‘2-band’.
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