Synthetic knots

Tuesday June 20, 2017
I have a Tuxedo brush and I am really curious to try the other types of synthetic knots: mew brown, cashmere, or whatever their name is.
The only place I found that sell knots is APS in Canada. Do you guys know any shops in Europe that sell these knots? The plan is to get the knots only, as the handles sold by different manufacturers do not really appeal to me.
Thursday April 2, 2015
AFAIK the only place to get the full range from is APS, with some variants available from Maggards and Whipped Dog in the USA. There is of course AliExpress in China, but to date I haven't seen any European sellers of knots alone
Thursday August 16, 2018
I believe that Yaqi makes a lot of the knots, so you'd end up with a Chinese knot whatever you do. I see the knots on from one or two sellers. I have the Mew Brown and love it. I thought about getting a knot and going DIY but in the end didn't bother and got the Yaqi Moka. If you want to start a cottage industry that's different.
Tuesday June 20, 2017
Yaqi do not sell individual knots as far as I know. Other sellers only sell the tuxedo.
Canada it is then!
Thanks or your answers!
Tuesday May 22, 2012
Cumbria, England
You need to do a full review of it here on the forum with photos. Perhaps even a gratuitous photo or two as well of a buxom lass whipping up lather with it also.
So far it's just a knot, I've got a handle for it in the works and shall post photos when the two are together.

I'll get started interviewing potential buxom lasses. :)
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