Speik & Fine American Blend

Recently I've been trying to find a nice classic 'barber shop' alcohol based splash and have tried out these two. Both very different beasts to my mind, Speik being very kind to the skin but I sometimes find the fragrance to be a bit antiseptic, very fresh but antiseptic all the same. It's not strong or overpowering and I'll probably keep the bottle for shaves I'm feeling a little rough around the edges!
The Fine American Blend I much prefer the scent of and is almost what I'm trying to find. I like the performance too so does anyone have any recommendations for what I might try next?
I did also try out Floid (spanish I think it was) but the fragrance really isn't for me - there was an initial hit of something that I just couldn't get along with.
Will check that out too. Someone mentioned Cella to me but I've not heard of that either, any experience with it at all?
Not personally, I've heard it doesn't smell like the soap which is almond/marzipan scented. Another brain wave for 'barbershop' would be along the lines of Floid's splashes. Can be picked up pretty cheaply and smell powdery/citrus. I'd assume an acquired taste but well received on here. Though I've never tried it, Floid Black is meant to be the 'best smelling' of the bunch, though the Suave and Mentolado Vigoroso are both great in my opinion.
As others have mention, Fine Platinum is ‘The One’ to go for next. It’s based on Creed’s Aventus and it’s a very close match. Wickhams Classic 24 is also based on Aventus but I’ve only tried a sample of the soap.

I’ve tried a couple of Razorock splashes which were OK but I think the Fine splashes are a step up from them.
Barbershop scent is a very broad subject and very controversial,
I suggest that you have a go with Blue Aftershaves, personally they remind me barbershops but that is my opinion. Mostly they are inexpensive and refreshing, My suggestions would be: Aqua Velva (try getting the American version from ebay), Lucky Tiger Aspen, Lustray Blue Spice, Myrsol Blue(great aftershave but scent doesn't last long), Floid Blue(quite costly and the scent doesn't last long).
Also Mennen Skinbracer which is not a blue in colour but I think it is very barbershopy scent with and a wonderful aftershave.
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