SOTD: Saturday 9th February - Friday 15th February 2019.


Castlerea , Ireland
SOTD 20190210.

Vintage brush / Maggard synth.
Stirling "Wintergreen" shaving soap (sample).
Seygus "Zeppelin" V.2 (gap 0.9 mm).
Personna Lab Blue (8).
Alcolado Glacial.

Seygus Zeppelin - gap usage:
0.7 mm - 1
0.9 mm - 1

Used the Seygus with 0.7 mm gap yesterday, today the 0.9 mm gap:
The 0.7 mm gap felt better than the 0.5 mm - less efford for a little bit better result.
The 0.9 mm gap was just a bit too aggressive, and caused some small damage.
One or two days with a mild razor, then the 0.9 mm gap will have 1 more chance ...

That Seygus is a very beautiful Razor.
Prep: Hot towel
Pre shave: Prep
Razor: ‘The Rock’ (Rockwell 6S – #3)
Blade: Gillette Bleue Extra
Brush: The 'Americana' (Shavemac 24/48 D01 2 Band)
Soap: West of Olympia 'Pride'
Post: Cold water rinse / Witch Hazel / Chatillon Lux Santal Auster Post-Shave Salve
Fragrance: Xerjoff Oud Stars Gao

West of Olympia 'Pride' rocked up during the week... definitely a premier league soap, and I must admit that I'm really looking forward to the release of the remaining soaps of the 'Seven Collection'...
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