SOTD : Saturday 8st - Friday 14th August 2020.


Razor - Ball End Tech
Blade - Gillette 7 Green Russia (3)
Soap - Arko Puck
Brush - Yaqi Plissoft
Post - Alum/Witch Hazel
AS - Barbon

The blade felt really smooth and efficient in the BET, but I noticed after 2.5 passes I still had a bit of growth left behind and managed to nick myself a few times under the lip; so it wasn't the best shave in the end. 2nd use for Barbon, not a bad old splash.

Enjoy the incoming weekend chaps.


Let's not forget to mention that Ian Fleming saw fit that James Bond was Scottish, which makes Sean Connery to date the only accurate Bond.
Interesting point - my best friend's great great grand father - was the chief ghillie - or head stalker - if you prefer - on the Black Mount estate - owned by the Fleming family - his original home - and with the rest of his clan - was flooded out in the construction of the Blackwater reservoir - I have been there quite a lot - in a very dry season you can see the submerged outline of their croft - they moved to - what is now - Staoinheag bothy. They had loads of kids - nine I think - mostly men - but one female is the grandmother of my mate - all ended up as diaspora - Hong Kong, India , Pakistan, Persia - in the colonial service. I don't know whether it is true or not - but Henry Blofeld - Blowers - of TMS - fame - claimed that his father was the inspiration for the Bond baddy - he signed in to the club he and Fleming were both members of - and the latter just liked the name. The bothy - writing at his great great grandfather's desk - sorry off topic - but I wouldn't know where else to put this.


I will go and shave soon - and post something more appropriate - I.

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