SOTD : Saturday 8st - Friday 14th August 2020.

Mordor, UK
Thank you for this.
I love the TOBS creams...
I have to say the Tobacco Leaf at the moment is my absolute favourite and it's seeing constant usage.
Sorry to admit this ...I have never tried a tobacco-related shaving soap or cream! It's not anything to do with the association with smoking (I enjoy the occasional Cuban Montescristo Purito) but for some reason it's never appealed to me...I'll have to put that right.
Thu 13 SOTD
Soap PAA Cavendish
Brush Yaqi 26mm Orange Black Synthetic
Razor Yaqi DOC Mellon (SLOC)
Blade Shark Super Stainless 2nd
Post & Aftershave
Ice Water + Special Thayers Mix
Hyaluronic + PAA Cavendish Splash
Epic lather from my number 1 soap. I use it sparingly. Scent is my favourite among all. Aromatic sweet pipe. Lather thick creamy and slick. More than enough for 4pass so save it for next day. The brush was perfect and handle comfortable.
Shave with razor paired with blade today was a good match. Smooth, sharp enough and very comfortable. Efficient too. Nice audible feedback. 3+1 multiple passes and discover 2 creepers much later. BBS to DFS result. Icy water rinse followed by cooling Thayers then soothed by Hyaluronic and the best among all my aftershaves...PAA Cavendish!!!! Wife complained someone smoking a pipe in the room!!! Hahahaha.
Ontario, Canada
Haven’t reached for an OC in a bit and seeing a friend on a forum enjoying his new “New” LC made we want to reach for mine. However, today’s razor of choice is my Rhodium plated SC loaded with a Voskhod blade. There is much debate on whether the SC, LC or Deluxe versions are better but I have a few of each with different handles and they all shave wonderfully well. Quite the lookers too.

Lots of folks reaching for Nivea stuff lately and so I reached for some of mine today too. The cream is great and I love the clean scent of it. Affordable and great for travel. I grabbed the matching splash today over the balm. Again, nothing fancy just nice.

Three pass BBS shave. No hassles and no irritation. Topped off with some CK Eternity Aqua which really brought it all together. Grab some coffee, sun and get to the workday. Safe travels and enjoy your shaves.

Rating: 5 / 5

Razor: Gillette New SC - Rhodium 1930s
Blade: Voskhod
Brush: Vie-Long Horse Hair - 22mm knot
Lather: Nivea Protect & Care
Aftershave: Nivea Protect & Care
Additional Care:
B.I.G. Co. Alum Block
Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua


Sunny Sunderland
Shower and 1912 Facial scrub
Brush: Simpson Duke 3
Soap: D. R. Harris Arlington
Razor: Feather SS ACS-NB
Blade: Kai Captain Pink (4)
Post shave: Cold water splash, Nik Stick, Alum, TC's Bay Rum Splash #1
Balm: Barts Balm Cinnamon & Patchouli Balm & Lotion
Aftershave: CK One
Wk33  (7).jpg
A nice shave today with a sting in the tail.
An easy lather started in the bowl to even out the soap and then finished with face lathering. A nice slick covering for the shave.
I completed a WTG pass resulting with an SAS Finish, i then completed a XTG pass following my usual ear to nose direction, Result DFS, i decided to complete a XTG Buffing pass from Nose to ear, i was trying to work out the angle to complete the chin and just caught my chin under the lip on the RH side resulting in a tiny little nick, undeterred i carried on and finished the shave, a quick cold rinse and i applied the Nik stick, the blood stopped immediately. A rub with the Alum (its been a while) no real indication.
A quick check and i have a DFS+ finish, with a little light roughness on the top lip and just under the chin.
A nice Post shave routine with the Barts Balm leaving my skin feeling great.
A good splash of CK one to finish.
Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day All.
Mordor, UK
1,000th post...has to be a SOTD :)

Davidoff Cool Water is one of my all time top aftershaves and EDTs, so when I heard about how TGS Abysso was very similar I thought it might as well be my first TGS AS as well. So, for the shave this afternoon:
  • Pre-shave: Ach Brito Lime Glyce soap warm wash
  • Soap: Blue's (Chinese soap made from New Zealand goats' milk and tallow) - face lathered
  • Brush: Phoenix AA Starcraft synthetic
  • Razor: EJDE89 with Voskhod blade and Razorock Titanium handle
  • Post-shave: Alum rub, cold water rinse + TGS Abysso AS

Blue's soap, as always, provides a very nice lather. In the current UK heat it also tends to 'sweat' and it's clearly primarily animal fat based.
I keep some in this willow pattern pot and a couple of the original tins for travel purposes.

The Abysso AS splash was very nice. Not quite as deep as Cool Water but still very fresh and perfect for this heat.

Overall, a very comfortable two-pass shave:)
Have a great evening all(y)
Good evening everyone, I hope you’re all well.

Pre- Cold water splash, Barts Grapefruit ASL
Soap- TOBS Lime Zest Cream
Brush- Omega Boar
Razor- Parker 22R
Blade- Gillette 7 O’clock Permasharp #10
Post- Cold Water Spash, Osma Alum Block
AS- Barts Grapefruit and Pink Pepper

I’ve found the Parker an easy razor to use, it’s lightweight and you get a good impression of what’s happening with the blade.
Excellent cream paired up well with great scent of Barts Grapefruit.
This blade has served me well with 10 shaves but it’s a new one for the next one.

Have a good rest of the day and stay safe.

I bet Sussex Campervans are happy with Facebook for cropping their add. :)

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