SOTD : Saturday 6th July - Friday 12th July 2019

Kent UK
Fri 12th July
The Grosvenor [404 ] - mixed
Vitos Super Red
Supply SE-V1 /V2 No3 plate
Schick- Chick [ 4 ]
Floid Vigoroso A/S Lotion

After using the "Oldies" [ B1 & F ] went modern with the Supply SE. Despite using the most aggressive plate, I find it still quite mild. The Shave with it is very smooth and with a great Vitos lather, a good close all round finish was attained. Too much TV/Laptop use as plenty of Athletics for me to watch, with some youngsters from my club to watch.

just north of Denver
After the usual 1-2 minute hot towel prep:

vintage no name plexi handle silvertip
German Parat/Gillette Platinum Plus (NOS)
older Coates lime cream
no after shave
AOS Sandalwood/Cypress EdT

This razor's a treat....can't believe it's been so long getting it wet again. A very nice gift from Tall Paul years ago that was used a bunch and right now my only 'Rocket' type DE. This looks like the US 1940s superspeed but shinier finish and nicer action. Maybe a bit more weight too, which is a good thing. Heh, I am starting to pull some lesser used razors as a kinda farewell tour maybe. Might as well revisit some fun toys.

These blades are the ones in the silver dispensers but not dated so I am guessing 80s. Yeah, most Gillette blades have the year and month on em. Very smooth, sharp, and one I could easily use every day with no problem.

BBS results,

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