SOTD : Saturday 4th July - Friday 10th July 2020

North London
Late posts but we had a bit of a setback with Mrs TC, i got her back out of hospital yesterday. It was a bit of a scary time especially for her, loads of tests but she is back on the mend.
Stay safe and enjoy your Friday shaves All.
That's good news. It's much better recovering at home rather than in hospital, especially at the moment as no visitors are allowed.
Kent UK
Fri 10th July
Cyril Salter / MS. ED2band
Lea Classic soap
Occams Hiram Commander No3 plate
Feather Proguard ( 7 )
Lea Classic A/S lotion

Today well out of my chosen rotation again, I used the heavyweight of the Occams Family. The Hiram despite its weight / bulk is very easy to use, and I get surprisingly good quality Shaves with it, even today with a below par lather.Not got a lather like that for years just too wet a brush.
SOTD 10/7/20

Another new soap for me and one I was looking forward to, was tough work! I've read of all the difficulties people have had with MWF and despite blooming my puck etc I still struggled.

If anything I had too much water. Lather was fine and bubbly and didn't last long when applied to my face, pleasant basic scent though. Plenty of room for improvement with this soap, not quite send it to the shower time yet :LOL:

Have a nice weekend everyone.



And for the final day of this week's SOTD the thematic title for my shave was 'Ghengis Khan throws down the gauntlet at Donald Trump in Supermarket Sweep TV challenge '


Pick 'n mix - Brass General
Mini sweep - Feather Super Professional
Check it out - Razorock 400
Go Wild in the aisles - Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet
Managers special - Goutal Eau De Monsieur

The next time you're at the checkout and you hear the beep, think of the fun you could be having on Supermarket Sweeeeep!
'No, no! Inflatable axe, not melon'

'Inflatable what?'

What a crap quiz show. Nuff said

To put everything in to perspective and a perspective nutshell at that, this was one fucking brilliant shave. I spoil myself with these SE's as it just seems one wonderful shave after another. Another great showing from the Blenheim cream and at that point where squeezing the tube sounds like an inwardly giggling fart. It is a damn good thing that I have a fresh tube on the way at this moment. Or at least I presume Penhaligon have sent it, otherwise they may find themselves with one 'raised to the ground establishment' by the end of next week. I really do love this cream and a great stand in for those days I just can't be arsed blooming, wetting, adding more water and having to over exercise my wrist. To which I know you are all thinking, 'You're a seaman aren't you?'.

If you like Eau Savauge, you would love the Goutal Eau De Monsieur. In my ignorance of fragrances it seems to come from the same family but with a classier edge about it, which many would say 'impossible'. I simply love it and on a day like this a very welcomed scent.

So a great shave altogether and ready for the missus. On a second thought may be not as I am not entirely sure what she is up to at the moment, but I think I'll take the upstairs bed and call it a day.

And for those of you who have bypassed the previous garbage (and who blames you?) to get to the Japanese lady section, this evening I give you Disqualia. Enjoy

Have a great weekend you shaving people and may you and your families remain healthy and well
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