SOTD : Saturday 4th July - Friday 10th July 2020

Thu 9 SOTD
Soap OSP BayRum
Bowl Ceramic
Brush Yaqi 26mm Lucky Dice Tuxedo
Razor Parker Semi Slant
Blade Polsilver Super Iridium 10th use
Post & Aftershave
Ice Water + Special Thayers Mix
Hyaluronic + Reuzel Wood & Spice
The moment I open the Soap! Love the BayRum scent. The scent strength is exactly how I like it. The room filled with BayRum. Use my best Synthetic to load from tub for 30secs then bowl lather adding water slowly. Wow...what a thick...thick creamy lather! Slick too...not very slick. Good scent throughout the shave.
Shave with slant razor paired with this excellent blade was smooth and comfortable and still as sharpish. 3+1 multiple passes...very close results. Should be satisfied with 3 passes and the extra buffing caused 1 weeper...against a BBS result...hahahaha.
Icy water rinse settled the weeper followed by cooling Thayers and soothed by Hyaluronic & Reuzel.
9.5/10 today. Enjoyed the excellent BayRum shave!! Gotta get myself a BayRum AS now...
SOTD 9/7/20

Got to test out a few new products today.

I believe that version of the luxury shaving cream from Simpsons has been discontinued? I'm glad I got to try this as the lather it produced was really really good. The only thing missing for me...A scent. The unscented version was the only one I could find anywhere and a nice scent definitely makes all the difference to me, Just a pity my wet shaving journey started too late!

Have a good day everyone.

Razor‐ Merkur 34c
Blade- Feather
Brush- Kent BLK2
Bowl- Steve Woodhead scuttle
Cream- Simpsons luxury shaving cream
A/S- Razorock XXX

Hi Brian, that's great news, thank you.
The scent profile : the fragrance opens with a clean fresh, youthful appeal of English and French lavender, topped with herbaceous peppermint and rosemary and Beramot gradually giving way to a subtle base of warm Oakmoss .

Top notes: Bergmot, peppermint, Rosemary.
Middle notes: English lavender, French lavender.
Base notes : Oakmoss

I hope this helps and wonder if you would be able to tell me how much Oakmoss EO I could put in once I have the soap and splash hopfuly thus getting around the regulations! :)

Thank you, Paul. :)
I think it 0.1% so it’s a tiny amount
I’ll try to blend in pine and see what that like


Sunny Cornwall
I think it 0.1% so it’s a tiny amount
I’ll try to blend in pine and see what that like
If you think that would be a good substitute for Oakmoss Brian, I will leave it in your capable hands, I will probbably add my own Oakmoss to the finished soap so it will be as close as possible to the C&S O&C though. :) P.
Mordor, UK
An afternoon shave today, trying a combination of some recent acquisitions/finds...
  • Pre-shave warm water wash with a new bar of Ach Brito Glyce Classic
  • Omega shave cream - only my second shave with this and love the stuff now
  • Yaqi Sagrada Familia 24mm Tuxedo - recent buy whipped the ceam into a superb lather in seconds in...
  • Hand-hammered copper bowl - new, cheap, and misshapen, but light weight and marvellous for generating lather
  • Merkur 34G (new buy) - I have several of these razor variants and don't use them enough
  • Gillette Nacet blade - seen in the pic in a small brass blade box from a vintage Ever Ready 1912 kit (holds 20 in wrappers)
  • Floid Mentolado Vigoroso AS splash - new bottle...nice olde time barbershop scent

A warmer shave for a less than summery day. Happy shaving all;)(y)

(P.S. I really have to stop buying stuff because the colours go well together!)
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