SOTD: Saturday 4th - Friday 10th. May 2019.

Sunny Sunderland


Pre: Pears Original Transparent
Brush: Semogue 1460
Soap: 1912 Irish Fern
Razor: Occam Classic V2 Plate #2
Blade: Kai Captain Titan Mild (2)
Post shave: Alum Block, cold water splash, homemade Witch Hazel with Lemon & Lime, Cedarwood, Arabian Musk oil
Balm: Proraso Red Post shave

Another great lather from the 1912 Irish Fern, I added a little more water to the top, not much, but obviously enough, the little smog quickly had a wonderful lather in no time, it is just about broken in and will be my travel brush.
The Kai pink loaded into the Occam and away i went, again you can hear a slight rattle as you approach your ear (my starting point), however, as soon as the Razor begins to remove the slick base it quitens down, what i did notice tonight though was the sound track, not quite 1912 catagory but very audible.
Another 2 pass shave WTG and Multi, can a blade improve on the second shave or does the Occam not discriminate? 1 tiny weeper under my nose, complacency i suppose, but it did not bleed.
A very close and comfortable shave, again a couple of indications from the block but nothing major, a good rub of Proraso Red and a splash of DR Harris Bay Rum.
My face is calm , BBS and smelling great. I am being spoilt this week.
Have a great night all

Bulldog Original Face Wash, Bulldog Original Face Scrub

Cold water from tap
Proraso White preshave cream
Ogalalla Bay Rum and Sandalwood Shaving Soap
Clubman Pinaud Synthetic Brush

Parker Variant (set at 2.5)
Gillette Nacet (4)

Osma Alum Block
Boots Bay Rum (used as AS)
Bulldog Original ASB
SOTD 09 May 2019

Pre-shave: Warm shower, Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser, cold water splash, followed by Executive Shaving Fuar Ach Snog Pre-Shave Oil
Cream: Kiehl's "Close-Shavers" Squadron White Eagle Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream.
Brush: NA.
Bowl: NA.
Razors: Blackland Sabre v2.0.
Blades: GEM PTFE.
Post: Cold water, Fine Snakebite Aftershave followed by Ibiza Aloe - Aloe Vera Gel.
EDT: Czech & Speake Vetiver Vert Cologne.

An experiment this morning - brushless; in part-self imposed as had little time. Result - an excellent 2 pass shave DFS+/BBS- finish. The Fuar Ach Snog Pre-Shave Oil worked well, good cushioning and glide; the Kiehl's shave cream as ever performs very well; I appreciate YMMV :)

My SOTD on 08 May 2019 was also very good - for the first time, in about 6 - 9 months, I shaved with my ATT M1 - an excellent razor, with possibly the best audio feedback when the shave angle hits the sweet spot. I am enjoying shaving with the Pils 101 - however, I find that I need time with that razor, time to concentrate to get a consistent angle.

I am very pleased with the Fine Snakebite - local anesthetic in a bottle :)

Hope all is well with everyone,

The theme for tonight's 'am I glad to be back home' shave was 'The Shaving Book of Genesis'

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Again a belated entry here, but with the football last night the rest of life could quite simply go to f@*k.

On the first day let there be - A razor - OneBlade Genesis V1
On the second day let there be - A blade - Kai FHS-10 (as Chesney Hawkes sang 'I am the one and only')
On the third day let there be - A soap - D R Harris Arlington (not to be confused with DR Harris Arlington as featured elsewhere)
On the fourth day let there be - A brush - Razorock 400 Plissoft
On the fifth day let there be - Something for afterwards - The Bath House Spanish fig and nutmeg aftershave balm
On the sixth day let there be - Something to spray after using the other something - The Bath House Spanish fig and nutmeg EDC

And then on the seventh day it was decided that a shave would be the order of the day. Hey, if you are going to have a rest then be clean, refreshed and feeling awesome. And then write a book about it. Or even a chapter in a big book.

It is always good to be back home and have choice. Working away as always been a way of life with me, but being a seaman there isn't really the choice of having choice and a restricted life style comes with the package. Similar to serving time, but as someone once said 'Going to sea is like being in prison except we can drown as well'. Thank my lucky (black)stars I appear to have avoided that fate to date.

It is always a pleasure to get back home, open the bathroom cabinet and think 'Mmmm, what is choice?' So on this particular occasion, being driven by a 'I'm a lazy sod' frame of mind it was going to have to be something easy, something quick, something efficient and something where I couldn't be arsed having to put too much effort in to. Indeed something lazy for the sod I am. Other than giving it all a big miss and deciding that may be our bearded brethren do have a very valid point, the weapon of choice was that stealth of the razor world, the OneBlade. Designed in an air base for keeping Grumman B-2 pilots well shaven without attracting the attention of enemy pilots.

Other than all that rubbish it just happens to deliver one secure and close shave with minimum fuss and maximum results. And it really does it all in a stealth like manner. Initial strokes have one thinking 'is anything happening here?', and by golly it most certainly is. After the pondering disappears one just gets on with the fact that something not happening actually is happening. The FHS-10 blade is absolutely fine and it has to be as there is naff all else. You remember that thing I said about choice? Well there isn't any.

Dr Harris Arlington certainly does a spiffing job with his shaving soap and the Razorock does an equally spiffing job of frantically whipping it up in to a brilliant lather. A superb duo worthy of the stage in an old music hall.

So a superb close 'how's your father?' shave and other than smelling as fresh as a Spanish fig I went away from the bathroom as smooth as a well oiled latex catsuit. Which goes a long way to say how I spend my spare time.

Be well chaps and may your shaves be equally as satisfying,. A great shave for a lazy sod on this particular occasion

As a finishing note. For all its minus points (no fun, too easy, too damn perfect etc etc) the OneBlade is very much a class act in the right context. It is not always the case that one wants to extend either the time and energy in to having a shave and this is where the OB really hits the spot. The idle man's razor. A very happy member of Satan's team shave and the original shaving sin.

The Blackstar amp? Because it's loud
@Satanfriendly - thanks; possibly the best review I have read of the OneBlade. I rarely use mine, possibly for the same reasons - an excellent razor in all respects - shaves out of this world, with next to no effort. However, while I want great shaves, it lacks the fun factor; often I want to put the effort in to get a great shave - possibly why I am enjoying the Pils 101 at the moment.
  • QShave Futur clone (3)
  • Triton R3 (6)
  • NOM Black Fibre
  • Chinese wooden shaving bowl
  • The Bathhouse - Cuban Cedar & Lime
  • Stirling - Margaritas on the Arctic After-shave Balm

BBS & DFS, quick and smooth, the Triton at it's end of life, into the blade bank. The Cedar & Lime is great soap, smells very nice also, buit for me it could have been a bit more punchy. That punch is now the MitA, love that smell, of to Hospital, a long long day ahead by four specialists..
Hope all goes well.
Plymouth, Devon

Brush - Yaqi 22mm Cola
Pre - Pears Original Soap
Razor - Baili BR131
Blade - Gillette Rubie (1)
Soap - LEA Stick
ASL - Boots Freshwood
ASB - Boots Freshwood

My new travel razor arrived today - a £4 Baili BR131 Tech type razor. This will live in my toiletries bag but thought I'd give it a test run tonight with my travel soap. Also my first time using a Gillette Rubie.

What a rough shave! Difficult to pinpoint why as I introduced too many new variables. Was it the lack of pre-shave prep? Was it the LEA (which performed brilliantly last week), was it the razor or the Rubie?

A lot of Alum feedback and I've smothered myself in ASB. I'll try the Rubie in the DOC next and come back to the razor with some more knowns.

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And for this particular day the theme for my shave was 'Sei-i Taishōgun and the Imperial Japanese Commander-in-Chief of shaving ceremonies' '


This shave contained no goat or donkey products.

The sword of the Samurai - Ikon B1 SB
Ninja flying blade - Polsilver Lodz
The Yamabushi mystical brush - Muhle silver tip synthetic
Secret cream of the Oniwaban (and I thought he was a Jedi knight.:unsure:) - OSP Shogun
Scent of the Kunoichi - Penhaligion's Blenheim Bouquet

This shave started with preparing a bath for my wife and kindly volunteering to mix her a bowl of shaving cream. Of course there lay an ulterior motive behind doing so and more so being as she had long believed I had bequeathed my OSP Shogun to her. Not as if I am yet deceased but just rubbing it in while I am still around. I think they call this being married :rolleyes:.

She also claims ownership of two other tubs of OSP so there is no quarter being given here. Our household is in the grip of 'The shaving cream wars' and it will always be predetermined that I lose. I think they call this being married :censored:

Anyway being the kind lap dog I am at least I got the scraps from the shaving cream and how wonderful to be on the receiving end of such generosity. Still there was sufficient remaining to complete a full three pass shave and enjoy an inward giggle while at it. And I did get the dregs of the bath water so I can't complain too much. Gosh I even got to use my ex-Muhle synthetic brush. Other nights I would probably get some Fairy liquid and a toilet brush so I have to be thankful for small mercies. I think they call this being married :poop:

The Ikon is a warrior in the shaving cupboard and there is nothing this thing couldn't remove in the way of facial fluff. The Polsilver was a first time out of the box blade and in a similar ilk to SE blades I find the initial shave will usually be accompanied by some form of bleeding, and it didn't let me down, albeit only a weeper or two. In the main at the lower left side of the mouth where my skin seems to be a little more susceptible to less than careful shaving. Which of course was not exercised on this occasion. Nothing to write home about (but enough to write and tell you lot about) as I am a big hard bastard............except when Mrs Satanfriendly is within 5 miles of my person.

A great shave and the star of tonight being the return of the ninja OSP Shogun and it's fantastic participation in this evenings shaving follies. James, you need to drop the little motorbike adventure and get back to making more great creams and soaps. The world of shaving misses you :cry:

So at the end of this evening I can go to bed with that facially smooth feeling and smelling very much of lemons and I can have a great conversation with the pillow. I think the discussion will be how the Blenheim Bouquet never made it that far as the scent would have been left at the bathroom sink. But hey, it smelt wonderful even if only for a half life measurable in seconds.

As smooth as a jelly fish and thank God not the same aroma. A lemon jelly fish. I'll go for that

I will leave you with some great Japanese Techno Metal and the wonderful Blood Stain Child

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