SOTD: Saturday 4th - Friday 10th. May 2019.

North East.UK
SOTD: 4th May 2019.


Shaving recipe for today.

Prep: Warm shower:/ L'OREAL ~ Hydra Power Mountain Water Shower Gel.


Cold wet flannel to my face.

Pears ~ Transparent Soap.

Brush: Omega 48 Pro.

Face Lather.

Soap : Palmolive Classic shave Sticks. (Grated)

Blade: Personna ~ Gem PTFE coated 'Modified'.(2)

Razor: Valet ~ Auto Strop VC1.


Cold Water Face Rinse./Homemade menthol crystals +Eucalyptus peppermint,+ Tea Tree Oil Witch Hazel Mixture./ Old Spice ~ Classic ASL.

Aloe vera Gel.


A new shave set up to start the weekend..carrying on with the wonderful cold water shaves.Second outing of the recently aquired valet auto strop vc1 razor,which is a joy to shave with.The simplistic design & quality of these vintage SE razors is excellent, made to last and with patience care and respect perform wonderfully, rewarding you with sublime shaves.

The Palmolive Classic shave stick was the first shaving soap that i shaved with, which became a instant favourite.

When i joined the TSR forum i chose "Palmolive Fox''as my member name in honour to this great performing value for money shave stick.

It's a shame that this wonderful humble shave stick is no longer going to be made in the UK anymore, but all is not lost,'well not for me anyway'..I've got a stash of at least 18-20 un-opened shave sticks, eight grated down shave sticks into a medium size ceramic souffle bowl & a medium sized plastic tub with lid of 2 Arko & 2 palmolive sticks mixture which i've only used a few times all will last me a for a quite a few..adding to that... i have a backlog of other soaps & creams to use which will keep me going probably for the rest of my shaving days in this life time, the next and probably the one after.

A comfortable 3 pass + pick ups silky smooth shave with no errors to report.

Finishing the shave off with a generous dollop of Aloe Vera Gel.

My face is feeling super smooth and smelling devine.

Enjoy the start of the weekend, ladies & gentlemen.

Update on this morning shave: After my shave with my newly aquired Valet Auto strop VC1 razor while removing the blade i noticed one of the blade stops at the front of the razor had broken off!(n)...which i'm completely gutted about:cry:, i've tried fixing it but it's beyond repair unfortunately, at least it didn't happen while i was shaving and leaving me with a nasty nick!..It only cost me £.12 which isn't a great deal, and besides i still have my Vintage Ever-Ready SE razors to use..A lesson learn't about impulse buying & a blessing in disguise.
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Kent UK
Sat 4th May

Stirling Syn. 26mm
P & B Spitfire
Ever Ready 1914- 12tooth & good stops
Gem S/S [ 2 ]
P & B Spitfire A/S Splash

After todays Shave I know why so many prefer the 1914 to the 1924 , it is much more forgiving, yet still efficient. Despite preferring longer handles I find that I can easily adapt to using this small Travel version of the 1914, and without any problems have a good Shave with a superb close finish.I must use the Stirling brush more, as slightly dampened it caused the P&B to very quickly exude a rich lather.

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Almere, The Netherlands
  • Seygus Zeppelin v 2.0
  • Kai
  • Prep
  • A badger brush with a way to short loft
  • Groom Room - Scottish Heather
  • Mühle Alum
  • Stirling Sharp Dressed Man AS Balm
  • Superli 37 mini Ice Tonic
BBS but not a comfortable shave, the Kai again, i thought to give it another try in a milder razor then the previous used Fatip OC, i just can't get along with that blade, into the bladevault it went, i drop the 5 remaining packets in my stack of stuff 'to give away'.
The Ice Tonic is a treat, one of the most 'freezing' EDT's with a smell, it lasts 12 hours easy! What a Menthol Storm! And yeah, not that great a combo with the Sharp Dressed man, but i grabbed the wrong bottle, as i can not read the way to small lettering on this 20ml sample bottles, then again, i love the freeze and the smell so what the heck ;-p


Sunny Cornwall

Shave Of The Day. 4th April

Prep ~ Shower, Aleppo soap 50%
Razor ~ Paradigm SE
Blade ~ proline
Soap ~ Figaro P.160 Tipo Duro (sadly no longer in production)
Brush ~ Semogue TSN 2018 LE Boar
Post ~ Bart's - Grapefruit & Pink Pepper Aftershave lotion

A wonderful soap, a wonderful razor and blade gave me a very satisfying shave. As smooth as smooth can be during and after the shave. :)

I hope your weekend is an enjoyable one........P :)
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