SOTD : Saturday 30th May - Friday 05th June 2020

Friday 5th June

Simpson 'The Colonel' - Antica Barbaria - King C. Gillette - Old Spice Fresh Lime

Anyone who buys one of these razors IMO should not feel short changed. Fit and Finish is good....and although mild is efficient.
3 passes for a finish which will see me through the night. I was impressed!
Fri 5th SOTD
New Soap Rasozero Agrumella
Brush Yaqi 24mm Silvertip
Razor Edwin Jagger DE89L
Blade Tiger Platinum 3rd
Post shave
Ice Water + Special Thayers Mix
Hyaluronic Acid
New Aftershave
Reuzel Woods & Spice
Ok lather. Nice scent.
Shave with razor and blade still comfortable and smooth but can feel getting less. 3 multiple passes with DFS+ result.
8.5/10 rating


First time using the new Proraso Super Formula - I am impressed :) Proraso white tub was my first soap ever, so, the smell bring my memories years back.

Razor : Gillette Super Speed flare tip (Z-2)
Blade : Sputnik teflon (1)
Shaving brush : Bevel badger
Shaving soap : Proraso white
AS : Nivea Sensitive balm​


And for this last day of this SOTD week I give you a shave themed 'entities should not be multiplied without necessity'


Or in short 'The simplist solution is most likely the right one'

A philosophical razor- Occams Enoch
A simple piece of stainless - Schick Proline
A divine miracle - Yaqi Dandelion
A cream with few assumptions - Gentleman's Tonic

The phrase Occam's razor did not appear until a few centuries after William of Ockham's death in 1347. I am guessing prior to the 17th Century shaving had never been invented and unfortunately to everyone's bereft they had to sport facial hair. By golly they must have been grim days.

'They were indeed. I could cry a bath full of tears'

Things have changes for the better and these days we have the 'right to bear a razor'. For this we have to thank William Enoch of Ockham, a Franciscan friar, a philosopher and a man most definitely with beard.

The more I get to use this razor the more I am coming to terms with its virtues. Manoeuvrable, assertive, efficient and just delivers damn good shaves. Just give it respect.

As for the cream all I can say is two words 'Gentleman's Tonic'. Remember them. The brush is a confused Welsh national flower but does its brush thing in a wonderful manner. And bless Yaq for not knowing their Dandelions from their Daffodils.

Hypothosis says that having all these pieces of kit in the same bathroom there should be a remote possibility of removing facial hair. The logical outcome would be one super smooth face. No beard

QED. No facial fluff. Facial divinity. And a grin bigger than a cat from Cheshire.

In admiration the ladies gave me a flash

Have a great weekend all and stay well, safe and healthy.

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SOTD Friday 5th June 2020 PM

Pre-shave : Nivea face wash, Proraso white pre-shave cream
Brush : Executive Shaving Company Medium Jock
Soap / Cream : B&M Reserve Cool soap
Razor / Blade : OneBlade Genesis / Feather FHS (1)
Post-shave : Cold rinse, Thayers Cucumber, Epsilon Blue, Bart’s Balm Amber & Moroccan Jasmine balm

Simply delightful.

Let's Try CREAM: (June 4, 2020)

Brush: Dogwood Handcrafts B8
Razor: Gillette English Aristocrat Jr.
Blade: Gillette Platinum (11)
Lather: Geo. F. Trumper Shaving Cream
Post Shave: Chattilon Lux Colonia Balsamica
Frag: Geo F Thumper Lavender Water

Late post for yesterday's shave - First time trying a cream and a soap that is glycerin based. Face lathering was a bit of a challenge but had better results with a bowl. Shave went better than expected - very slick lather that wasn't drying. Overall, a great 3 pass shave without any issues. The scent on this one is quite nice - pairing up with CB and lavender water seemed to work together very well.

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