SOTD : Saturday 30th May - Friday 05th June 2020

just north of Denver
after the usual 1-2 minute hot towel prep:

1930 Gillette gold Criterion Deluxe/Super Iridium
rebranded Simpsons best (still turning butterscotch)
Fine sandalwood absolute shaving soap
no after shave needed
AOS Sandalwood/Cypress EdT

My third use of this soap.....kept hearing how good it was and hit the buy button recently. Scentwise it's not the same as the sandalwood note AOS uses or used, which for me is a plus. Not crazy about AOS sandalwood, wherever it's harvested from originally. The Fine is more of a interpretation and not just a single note frag. I like it a good bit.

Performance is excellent for me. First couple times were with a brush I like for hard soaps and then one with a fairly firm knot but soft tips. Today the soap lathered very easily with this old Marshall Fields rebranded Simpsons, which is about average in firmness but not a flopmeister either. No problem making very nice lather with any of em.

Slip is quite good and the cushion is protective but not getting in the blade's way while whisker whacking. Price is good......I just use refills anyway, stuck in a 2 cup glass bowl. Even with the soap's tub it's about $15-16 or so.

Last two shaves were with a (to me) vampire like razor as a real test and no problem!

Post shave is right up there......and I have tried lots of stuff. Nothing bad I can say about the product.

BBS results,




Razor: Bastardised Blackbird SB
Blade: Gillette 7 O'clock Sharp Edge (4)
Brush: Mühle XL STF
Soap: Extro Arzachena
Pre: Proraso Blue
ASL: L'Oréal Skin Purifier

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Bastardised? I got the impression the only handle it would fit was there own. There is either some skulduggery going on here, or you are in cahoots with the devil

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