SOTD : Saturday 27th June - Friday 03th July 2020



In the beginning - there was a word - and that word was dreich - then there was another word - lavender.

Prep - facial scrub
razor - Gillette Slim (3)
blade - Lodz Polsilver (?10 or so)
brush - Maseto two band
soap - Speick cream
post - witch hazel
a/s - Quorum
balm - Barts Lavender oil
scent - Homme de Caron edt.

There may be a few barometers to judge whether you have an issue with the amount of shaving porn you own - and this - dear reader - is just one. I went to find something in the den earlier - and noticed a cardboard box at the back of a shelf - what's that? - a Maseto two-band brush - that's what - brand new - the knot had never seen water - since rectified. I have no idea when I bought this or how long I have had it. I think I have a problem - admitting this to the group is a good thing - cathartic - acceptance is the first stage of recovery. The mice found this hilarious - like I am going to be judged on my shaving habits by a bunch of wee furry bastards that wouldn't know one end of a Slim from the other? No danger. I got tired of their mocking squeaks and sent them next door to watch tv - who would have thought that rodents are big James Garner fans? - the lads are now quite happily binge watching episodes of 'the Roquefort Files,' on cable. :cool: - stay safe - enjoy your shaves - cheers - I
Land of the Prince Bishops
Friday 3rd July
Vig Shaving Synthetic - Reef Point Test Depth - Rocnel SE-P Open Comb - Euromax Platinum #2 - Williams Aqua Velva A/S - Aloe Vera Gel

What an excellent blade it turns out to be, as the shave was smooth and truly marvelous. In fact as good as the ½ Nacet gave me the last time I shaved with the razor.
If this blade gives me another good shave in 2 days, I'll be delighted.
I'm delighted.
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SOTD 3rd July 2020

Razor - Karve SS with D plate
Blade - Souplex
Soap - Fitjar - Fjellheim hard soap
Brush - Simpson T3
Post - Thayers astringent
Frag - Guerlain - Vetiver EdT

I've gone through all the plates I have with this razor A, B, C & D now and can get a perfect shave from all of them, I prefer the "C " plate when using Souplex blades, a very good razor set indeed :)
My first use of the Simpson T3 brush today and although I found it a little springy at first it is proving to be a very good brush, I look forward to using it in my rotation of brushes.
The Fitjar shave soap is wonderful and was thinking today how similar it is to Signature Soaps in many ways which should please @BrianH no end! :) well done Brian!
All in all a very good shave and one that left me with baby smooth skin and zero irritation .

Untill the next time, stay safe and be lucky. :)

Beautiful looking razor..!!
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