SOTD : Saturday 27th June - Friday 03th July 2020

Mordor, UK
So old and yet so good…if Bob Dylan’s Rough & Rowdy Ways can hit the spot at that 79, then I thought I’d bring a couple of my older items out from the back of the cupboard…
  • Pre-shave shower, hot flannel and face wash with Ach Brito Glyce soap (No change there)
  • TOBS Sandalwood soap (My oldest shaving soap…I don’t use it often enough)
  • Edwin Jagger Silver Badger (My most ancient brush, well over 20 years old I reckon)
  • EJED89, RazoRock Titanium handle, Gillette Nacet (Oldest razor head at least)
  • Cold rinse, alum rub, another cold rinse (This don’t count)
  • Floyd Blue AS splash (My oldest AS splash is actually an original formula Old Spice, but this is my second oldest. Several years old now so getting on a bit I guess)
  • EDT: Mont Blanc ‘Individuel’ (Bit of a cheat…I’ve had some of this since it first came out around 17 years ago, but this isn’t my original bottle)

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend as much as I enjoyed this afternoon shave…it was excellent! (y) ;)
Forgot to snap a photo but todays shave 27/6/20

PS - Cold water splash
Brush- Proasso professional
Blade- Astra green
Razor- Merkur 34C
Cream- Palmolive (1st try) *
Post shave - Nivea balm

* First impression of Palmolive is its a great cream performance wise. Easy to lather and gave a really smooth shave but I was disappointed with the scent. While everyone is different, the scent in this or lack of I should say, took the edge of an otherwise great shave. Maybe I value scent more than I thought.
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