SOTD : Saturday 27th June - Friday 03th July 2020

North London
June 30, 2020
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▫Razor: Gillette Slim Adjustable H3 (1962)
Your razor looks like it's in mint condition. I've got a similar one unused. I'm frightened to use it.


Pre - Shower / Face wash
Cream - GFT Eucris
Brush - New Forest
Razor - Merkur 34
Blade - Wilkinson (8)
Post - Alum followed by some moisturiser with SPF

Good day to you all.

I'm possibly pushing it with the blade on it's 8th use. However, a two pass plus a third / touch up pass gave me a really nice close comfortable shave. No feedback from the alum.



Sunny Sunderland
Cold Water Shave
Brush: JR 355 Maggards Knot
Soap: Vintage Cussons 1950's
Razor: Gillette Slim Adjustable H3 - #3,#4,#5
Blade: Superinox (4) - Gillette Platinum (1)
Post shave: Cold water Rinse, Shower, Witch Hazel
Balm: Vintage Tabac Black
Aftershave: Tabac
A bit of a strange shave today,
Firstly, i had a nice lather whisked up on the face with the JR #355, with the first stroke the Superinox (4) felt very rough, i checked everything - OK, strange, it was really good on its 3rd outing.
I decided to change the blade out, the next one out of the blade dispenser was a Gillette Platinum.
First time i have tried one of these and it gave a similar shave feel as the Polsilver gave me, not tugging and definitely cutting but not smooth, i had the razor set on #3, i tried #4 then settled on #5, again, like a PSI going XTG and ATG felt a bit better during the shave and the resulting skin feel was great.
The bummer - i caught my Adams apple on about the last stroke ATG, not a bleeder and was quickly dealt with during a cold water rinse.
No indication from witch hazel or splash and a lovely BBS finish with a tiny nick on the AA.
A nice post shave leaving me puzzled about the whole thing.
I will give the GP blade another run out to see if it smooths out.
BBS, comfortable and smelling Good.
Stay safe and enjoy your Day All

Update:- @NatJag you must try your slim, they are a wonderful razor. T

Brush - Omega 11819
Soap - MWF
Razor - Ball End Tech
Blade - Centwin Super Platinum (5)
Post - Witch Hazel
Balm - Nivea Cooling Kick
AS - Denim Original

Last shave of the month, and with it half the year's over - what a strange old 2020 it's been so far.

The Centwin nicked me today so even though there was still petrol in the tank it was time for the blade to be finished. Not a bad blade, but nothing special.

First time using the Denim AS, nice old fashioned barbershop style splash, it has a bit of a talcum powder scent to it, reminds me of the Akcay Tobacco a little.

Have a good day gents.
Middlesex - UK
Your razor looks like it's in mint condition. I've got a similar one unused. I'm frightened to use it.


The razor was gifted to me by a kind gentleman. It was in a good clean pristine condition when I received it. I use it once in a while, after each use, it gets cleaned in warm soapy water, towel dry, a bit of mineral oil and a polish with Autosol ShineScreenshot_20200630-150402.png
Kent UK
Tue 30th June

RR 400 SE Plissoft oir
P & B Pall Mall
Occams Enoch
Kai CT Mild Pink ( 2 )
Floid Vigoroso A/S lotion

Using the Kai blade I now seem to be getting a 100% Shave, with others blades that I have used , there always seem some areas were not quite right. A very nice smooth and comfortable Shave with a Top Notch close all round finish.

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