SOTD Saturday 26th September to Friday 2nd October 2020.


Brush - Omega 11819
Soap - Palmolive Stick
Razor - 1972 Sportsman Tech/Yaqi Brass Handle
Blade - Supermax Blue Diamond Platinum (6)
Post - Witch Hazel/Nivea Cool Kick Balm
AS - Signature Soaps Danum

A really superb shave today, the blade seemed to be at it's very best today and finished the shave with some SS Danum splash, which I absolutely love.

Have a good day gents.



Yesterday -

Prep - facial scrub
razor - Alu Karve - D plate
blade - Wizamet Polsiver (?3)
soap - Tabac
brush - Semogue Torga boar
post - witch hazel
a/s - RR Santa Maria del Fiore
balm - none
scent - none.

Excellent - comfortable and fragrant - pretty much everything a shave should be. As suspected, the Semogue ripped into the hard Tabac with alacrity - managed to get the moisture just right - superb shiny lather the consistency of soft ice cream in no time. Hadn't used the Santa Maria splash for a while - not sure why - it works well for me - superb scent - tobacco forward - flower not leaf I think - good with Tabac - and - as I am used to with RR aftershaves - unusual longevity. My face loves it - probably - on checking the ingredients - because it has castor oil in the formula - it turns up in quite a few premium artisan soaps as well - which I find a miracle product for skin care. All good - it is a dark, dank rainy day in Glasgow - it is not going to get properly daylight - hope it is better wherever you are. Have good shaves - one and all - yours - I.


Sunny Sunderland
Pre: Shower
Brush: Yaqi Sagrada Familia 24mm
Soap: Stirling Soap Co. Stirling Spice
Razor: Schick B1 Repeating Razor 1927-32
Blade: Personna Injector
Post shave: Cold water splash, L'oreal Ice Impact
Balm: TC's Bay Rum infused Argan Oil
Aftershave: Old Spice Original
Wk 40 7. Fri.JPG
Magnificent Razor + Great soap + Brilliant little brush adding up to a wonderful shave today.
A very nice face lather from this little Yaqi, it punches well above its weight in the lather stakes, the soap produced a wonderfully slick covering and the Razor is probably the most comfortable, mild, efficient Vintage razor i have.
Feeling real good and smelling very spicey.
Stay safe and enjoy your day all.
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Wed 30 SOTD
Cream MacaRoot & Aloe
Brush DS Cosmetics 26mm Badger
Bowl Timeless
Razor RazoRock G37 Slant
Blade Astra Stainless 1st
Post & Aftershave
Ice Water + Special Thayers Mix
Hyaluronic + MacaRoot & Aloe Gel
Pleasant cream. With the nice brush and bowl combine, lather was nice.
Shave with razor paired with blade was really sharp and smooth. Very comfortable too for 3+1passes. Unexpected weeper but BBS result.
Excellent post & aftershave.
Rating 9.5/10
Ontario, Canada
Last shave of September and back to a single edge. The plan for September was to highlight the SE and or Stirling and SV soaps...well there is too much other goodness in the den so that plan went out the window. The AS-D2 has been dominating my SOTD and though it is a fantastic thing of beauty the Supply SE with the two dot plate got called up today to close it out for the month.

Soap today a classic scent in CBL Club CBL! CBL makes great soaps with premium stuff in them. They have for me been slick and excellent performing lather bombs and they are all exceptional. However, this scent is just a classic, powdery barbershop and the complete match to Clubman.

A great three pass shave achieved with a DFS / BBS finish. Need to use this polished beauty more often. Slapped on some Clubman and AdiP Colonia Essenza to finish it all off.

Rating: 5 / 5

Razor: Supply The Single Edge V2
Blade: Schick Injector
Brush: Simpson Chubby 1
Lather: CBL Club CBL
Aftershave: Pinaud Clubman
Additional Care:
B.I.G. Co. Alum Block
Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza
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