SOTD : Saturday 25th - Friday 31st July 2020.

How did you find the PannaCrema ?
It lived up to the hype. The cushioning properties of this soap are really in their own league. The lather is not overly voluminous but dense enough and silky-slick. The shave went surprisingly smooth.
As an AS it was very nice. The sensation was similar to a good balm. But I’d prefer a splash with alcohol in the summer though. Not sure there's something with complementary scent profile on the market (the word is that WSP Black Amber Vanille is somewhat close).
I should admit I liked the scent very much. And it lingers for a couple of hours.
Thu 30 SOTD
Soap RazoRock Mudder Focker
Brush Yaqi 24mm Silvertip Badger
Razor RazoRock German 37 Slant
Blade BiC Chrome Platinum 3rd
Post & Aftershave
Ice Water + Special Thayers Mix
Hyaluronic + Clubman BayRum
This brush is best for face lathering. Took a pea-size out and smear on face then work with the brush. Result was great...creamy and slick. Not thickly dense. Scent mild but pleasant.
Shave with razor paired with blade was way too smooth. Unbelievably smooth this Slant, & efficient too. Blade was sharp enough...very comfortable shave. 3+1 multiple passes with no issues. BBS mostly!
Icy water rinse followed by Thayers then Hyaluronic and top-off by BayRum. Nice, comfortable and pleasant shave. 9.8/10


Sunny Sunderland
Shower and Facial scrub
Brush: Simpson Chubby 2 Synth
Soap: Mitchell's Wool Fat
Razor: 6/8 Carl Schlieper / Brass Karve C Plate
Blade: Dorco ST301
Post shave: Cold water splash, Witch Hazel
Balm: Bart's Balm Rosemary and Sandalwood Balm & Lotion
Aftershave: Old spice Original
I think my angles & technique are getting there, a very smooth close 1st pass WTG using both hands with a bit more confidence.
I like this razor, it feels good in the hand and has a lovely edge on it, very smooth.
After the Rinse off i was sporting a very SAS, therefore, not wanting to push it i decided to leave it there for the Str8 edge, i completed a buffing pass with the Karve for a BBS finish.
I enjoyed the post shave routine leaving me soft supple, feeling good and smelling , well, very nice.
Stay Safe and enjoy your day All.
The Dark Lord of Wet Shaving
Date:- 30 July 2020

Pre-shave:- Cold Water straight from the tap
Bowl/Scuttle:- Captain's Choice
Brush:- WCS Two-Tone Tall (Blue & White) Extra Dense Synth. 26/56mm knot
Soap/Cream:- Tabac
Razor/Blade:- Merkur 34C / Gillette Nacet #4
Post/After-shave:- T.N. Dickinson Witch Hazel Astringent mixed into the 240ml bottle with Natural Glycerin (20 drops) & Tea Tree Antiseptic (5) / The Stray Whisker Aftershave Balm (Australian made)
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