SOTD : Saturday 24th October to Friday 30th October 2020.

Ah, there are a few members on here that seem to have duff pucks purchased from March/April 2020 onwards, particularly from connaught.

There is a thread here about it. We're trying to work out where the batch started and ended. Also, if you still have the box, there is a batch code on the box opening, maybe the opposite tab to the one you used, that would be handy. It's a shame Mitchells do seem to put out the odd bad puck from time to time. Added to the soap being difficult to lather if you add water to fast.
I don't have the box any longer. Anyway I won't be buying any more MWF.


cold water
Yaqi 26mm Synthetic + Nivea Body Stick
BIC 2 Sensitive
cold water rinse
Sainsbury's Witch Hazel

The Nivea stick is great stuff - produces a slick creamy lather. It it were branded, packaged and marketed differently it would get a lot more attention in places like this.
Kent UK
Fri 30th October

Stirling Syn 26mm
P & B Spitfire
ER Natural Angle -HFT
Gem S/S [ 1 ]
P & B Spitfire A/S Splash

Another Razor that I have not used for a while. I really like the looks and feel of this British Version of a G Bar, but it really is a bit mild for me and does not easily yield the closest of finish. My decision not to include it in my regular rotation has been confirmed.I will use this and the Push Button every now and then.

North London
Fat Friday
Pre - Shower / Face wash
Soap - MWF
Brush - New Forest
Razor - Merkur 34G
Blade - Treet Platinum (1)
Post - Old Spice AS followed with Moisturiser.

I had to re make my lather this morning. First go wasn't great. I'd added the water to quickly. Second batch better. MWF is easier to lather with a synth brush than badger I've discovered. Shave was eventually a good one.
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