SOTD : Saturday 24th October to Friday 30th October 2020.

Kent UK
Wed 28th October

Muhle Silvertip 21mm
Williams Mug soap
ER 1924
Gem S/S ( 3 )
Williams Aqua Velva A/S Lotion

The 1924 is considered quite a harsh Razor, but I have used one for years with a long handle to get very good Shaves.Today was very good, very smooth and by taking care and not having to rush, I got the kind of finish that matches many I get with some AC/ SE.




Prep - Facial wash
razor - Katana
blade - Med Prep (7?)
soap - RR Emperor - tallow
brush - Semogue 2015 HD badger
post - witch hazel
a/s - RR Emperor
balm - none
scent - none.

All good - seriously impressed with the Med Prep blade - still working a treat - and should it fail - which it will - at some point - I have the other half of the snapped blade in the wings. Insert the name of your chosen deity - bless the Katana. Hadn't used this soap for a while - my favourite Creed Aventus clone - I have owned the original parfum - a gorgeous scent - and this takes it off well - it is all about the pineapple opening - if that isn't a euphemism - I don't know what is. The matching RR splash is equally good - scent longevity beyond a normal aftershave. There are plenty of soaps around that try to copy Aventus - I notice - that PAA - joined in with the Doppelganger black - the CK-6 base - but I'm not in the market to spend £25 on a tub of soap at the moment to see what it is like. So - the label art on the soap tub - is taken from a series of paintings - 1801 - 1805 - by Jacques Louis David - he did five of them - all much the same thing - 'Napoleon Crossing the Alps' - to my eye - this is the Belvedere version. That's probably more information than you needed - for a sotd post - it was a great shave - enjoy yours - one and all - cheers - I.

Edit - I was wrong about PAA Doppelganger black being Aventus -

Black Label - Sauvage by Christian Dior
Oxblood Label - Sartorial by Penhaligan’s
Orange Label - Chaps by Ralph Lauren
Grey Label - Creed Aventus
Apologies - I.
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