SOTD : Saturday 24th October to Friday 30th October 2020.

Amber Valley. East Midlands
Tuesday 27th October

Soap - Tabac
Brush - YaqI 24mm Tuxedo Marble Handle
Razor - YaqI Katana
Blade - Derby Premium half blade
Post - Tabac Aftershave Lotion

First use of the YaqI Katana, which arrived in the post today.
Paired with a Derby Premium half blade, it made very short work of three days growth.
First impressions are that it is quite blade forward, and makes it's presence known.
It's very nimble in use, reaching right into the space directly below the nostrils.
The shave was seemingly over in a trice, such was it's effectiveness.
Proper BBS in two passes -WTG/ATG.
The only other SE I have used was a 1912, which I couldn't get on with, and was soon PIF'd. The Katana was so much easier to use IMO.
Wed 28th SOTD with New Soap
Soap Phoenix & Beau Imperial Rum
Brush Yaqi 24mm Mountain Lake Badger
Razor Pearl OC (Locally named Cukur)
Blade Derby Usta 4th
Post & Aftershaves
Ice Water + Special Thayers Mix
Hyaluronic + Clubman GentsGin
Another new soap from P&B. Not much scent directly from the tub but it came during lathering. Nice mild bayrum scent...around 5/10. Hmmmm...
somehow the lather is not as good quality. Perhaps brush loading was too brief.
Shave with razor paired with blade was not as smooth too. However, 3 passes without any issues and between bbs to dfs results. Interesting. Good post and aftershaves. Rating 9/10
cold water
Yaqi Timber Wolf 26mm synthetic + Palmolive cream
Merkur 33c + Feather
Sainsbury's Witch Hazel

I started off with MWF but I could only get it frothy not creamy - I didn't fancy shaving in that so I rinsed off and used some Palmolive cream instead. It's been a while since I used MWF but I don't remember it being such a poor performer.
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