SOTD: Saturday 22th -Friday 28st June 2019.

And for this day and for one time only, the theme for my SOTD was 'Electricity'

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Single ended triode - SS Colonial General
Potential difference - Kai Captain
Brushless motor - Razorock 400 the not so brushless brush
Electrical interface - Alvarez Gomez Barberia
Dielectric cooling liquid - Nivea for men moisturiser

In 1753 electricity was invented by the irresistible Georg Ohm one year after Benjamin Franklin famously came close while hanging keys from a kite during an electrical storm. It is presumed it was a strange method of safeguarding the keys to his front door while he nipped down the corner shop for a couple of AA batteries. By the time he returned the elctrical storm had passed and likewise a golden opportunity. Franklin then went on to invent the Franklin stove, the Philadelphia Fire department (after numerous fires caused by his stoves) and his most famous of inventions, the United States of America.

Allessandro Volta would have to wait until 1799 to invent electricity for a second time due to reccouring problems with his piles, his potentially indifferent issues and terminal negativity.

It wasn't until the 20th century that static electricity was discovered when the American physicist Robert Van De Graaf invented a generator for generating electricity which didn't move. Other than sticking balloons to ceilings and annoying cats, Robert found very little use for static electricity and turned his attention to inventing Prog Rock with his band unimaginatvely named after his scientific invention. Nikola Tesla in the meantime became equally as bored and decided building cars and launching them in to space was far more entertaining.

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This afternoon at work has been incredibly mind numbing and the devil will find work for idle hands etc. Or in my case the devil will write a load of twaddle and piffle.


Back to that trusty old work horse the wonderful Colonial General. My choice of DE's may have that aggressive edge but in all honesty this big boy does very much the same but in an incredibly smooth and comfortable manner. I love this razor for everything it achieves. A very controllable bristle bully.

Alavrez Gomez and the 400 brush? Because other than it is all I have at the moment they are both class performers and quality shaving items.

The Nivea just being the final icing on today's shaving cake.

One great and comfortable shave which left me smoother than a polystyrene covered cat and tingling like licking the terminals of a 9v battery.

Have a lovely weekend ahead shaving people and enjoy what the weatherman says. Apparently some folk couldn't care less about him.

There can only be one

Thanks for the insightful read on the use of electricity,Chris.This guy also dabbled with electricity and did indeed accomplish something seemingly improbable.
Young DR Frankenstein,a genius !!!.
By the way, in case you don't know, it's pronounced "Fronkensteen".



Shave Of The Day. 28th June

Prep ~ Valobra Glicerlanolina soap
Razor ~ Rex - Ambassador set to 2.5
Blade ~ Wizamet Polsilver Stainless
Soap ~ Oatcake - Almond Cream ( new Brazil nut formula base )
Brush ~ Semogue Badger & Boar
Post ~ ABC - Apricot hull aftershave lotion
Scent ~ Boellis - Panama 1924 EdT

Only my second shave with the Rex but it has shown its self to be the razor I had hoped it would be, again I had a comfortable close shave with no mishaps.

The new Oatcake soap is fabulous, thick creamy lather with plenty of slip n slide and a wonderful scent to boot!
This is the new brizil nut base formula that is a step up from the already very good soaps that Edward was producing. For more info contact him through his Etsy shop Oatcakesoap.

Have a great day folks........P.
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