SOTD Saturday 22nd to Friday 28th Aug 2020

Friday 28 August

Brush - Yaqi Fan Tuxedo Mysterious Blue Handle
Soap - Arko Puck
Razor - Flat Bottom Tech
Blade - Gillette Nacet (9)
Post - Witch Hazel
Splash - Barbon

After reading the Badger V Synth thread, I saw a post by Paul @pjgh talking about the different kind of lathers different synths produce, with his observation being Tuxedos create a thicker lather. If I'm honest, I never paid any attention to the differences between synth lathers but my lather today was definitely a very thick one, a good slick one though.
A nice 2.5 pass shave, very comfortable.

Have a good Friday chaps.
SOTD 28/8/20

Razor- PAL injector with a Schick blade
Brush- Yaqi Sagrada Familia
Soap- Nivea Stick
Post- Thayers Cucumber and Nivea sensitive balm

Last nights shave was really close so it was a perfect opportunity to use the PAL today. 2 passes to more or less tidy up and leave me feeling fresh again.

First time using any sort of stick soap and it was a nice surprise how easy it was to get a good lather.

Happy Friday one and all.
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