SOTD Saturday 22nd to Friday 28th Aug 2020


And the theme for this exceptionally early morning at work shave was 'Get in there'


Rare I ever make an early entry so yup, I thought 'Get in there'

A half half shave using the very kindly gifted 'Maestro' straight to practice on this areas I feel confident about outside of a pork chop. And the brass General with a Feather Super Professional for those areas outside of a practice piece of meat.

Brush and lathering curtesy of Alvarez Gomez and the Yaqi Dandelion and a damn fine fluffy job they did.

Altogether one great shave and a very happy smiling man at this end. Just to ruin a happy smiley shave I find myself sat on the River Mersey on a shit night waiting for the next job to arrive at an unsociable 0200. Bollocks.

No scent tonight so as not to worry the crew too much and so a touch of diesel behind each ear to give that macho impression. If only they knew better.

I wish everyone and your families a safe and wonderful Weekend.

What more would you expect?

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SOTD : 22nd August 2020.


Shaving recipe for today.

Prep: Warm shower / Nivea Men ~ DEEP CLEAN Shower Gel.


Cold wet flannel to my face.

Pears ~ Transparent Soap Bar / Wilko Men's Shaving Oil.

Brush: Semogue 1438.

Face Lather.

Soap : Phoenix & Beau ~ Citra Royale.

Blade: Gillette ~ 'NOS 94' Super Silver Platinum. (5)

Razor: Merkur 34C.


Cold Water Face Rinse./Homemade lavender eucalyptus, +Tea Tree essential Oils Witch Hazel Mixture./ Brut Sport Style ASL.

Wilko ~ Men's Aftershave Balm.


A new shave set up to start the weekend..

Carrying on with the the Gillette 'NOS 94' SSP blade which paired together with the Merkur 34C wonderfully.

A very comfortable shave the Gillette 'NOS 94' SSP blade on it's 5th outing still performed with a smooth efficient edge slicing through my stubble with effortless ease with no tugging issues.

An enjoyable 3 pass +pick ups BBS shave with no errors to report.

Finishing to the shave off with a generous dollop of Wilko ~ Men's Aftershave Balm.

My face is feeling super smooth and smelling divine.;)

Stay safe, and enjoy the start of the weekend ladies & gentlemen.:cool:

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Sat 22nd August

RR Syn. 22mm
P & B Citra Royale
Occams - Hiram Commander /Plate No2
Schick Proline [ 1 ]
Pitralon Classic A/S Lotion

A good way to start this Shaving Week, a fresh blade in the Razor. In fact the first use of a Proline in the standard Hiram set up [ sold only with a No2 plate] , but I opted for a Plate 3. In hindsight this was a bad decision, as the Standard set up with the Proline blade is so Smooth yet efficient, and I had no problems attaining a trouble free Top Notch finish. A really good Razor, which has had poor reviews because they released items not up to standard, thus alienating potential users. Get a good one and you are in for a treat. I suspect may become a collectors item rather like The Cobra.

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