SOTD : Saturday 20th - Friday 26th July

Sunny Sunderland
Pre shave Prep: Pears Lemon Flower
Brush: Simpson Chubby 2 Synth
Soap: Proraso Green
Razor: ER 1914
Blade: GEM PTFE S/S (8)
Post Shave: Alum Block, cold water splash, Homemade Bay Rum Witch Hazel
Balm: Proraso Green
Aftershave: Proraso Green


A very nice cooling shave on this muggy day.
I am really impressed with the Proraso soaps, the Green not as menthol as my other soaps but the performance is brilliant. Also a 1st outing for the Chubby Synth, 1st impressions is I like it a lot.
3 easy no issue passes with the 1914 giving me a BBS result, the audio feedback just singing out, absolutely fantastic. By the sound of it I am expecting some tugging or something, nothing at all, the razor and blade just gliding through the stubble, singing as she goes.
Virtually nothing from the block and then the face freeze began, the cold water splash, Green post shave and Aftershave splash, nice!
Have a great afternoon All

Soap - Proraso Green
Brush - Yaqi Plissoft Black Barbershop 24mm
Razor - Ball End Tech
Blade - Personna LB (3)/Bic CP (3)
Post - Witch Hazel
AS - Superdrug Forest Fresh

Recently the Yaqi Rainbow handle with it's Faux Horse knot was the brush has been my most frequently used synth, but for today's shave I went for my first Yaqi brush with the classic Plissoft style knot, a brush I've not used for a while. A while back I observed most of my synths to perform roughly the same as each other but I instantly noticed the Plissoft style knot tips aren't as soft as the Faux Horse one, has more backbone and is scrubbier to the face; it performs superbly though. Seemed to create a huge amount of lather with relative ease.
During the shave, the Personna LB through the first pass started was tugging horribly, a minor surprise as the last PBL I used was a very solid performer lasting around 10 shaves. Midshave the PBL went and was replaced a Bic CP with no tugging/resistance in the slightest bit.
I am really impressed with the Proraso soaps, the Green not as menthol as my other soaps but the performance is brilliant.
I'd been somewhat indifferent to Proraso Green for a while, I think it might have been down it being the first soap I'd bought and my technique wasn't the best for lathering it but I've been coming around to it being a very good soap. From my experiences, it performs superbly with a synth, less so with a boar (I fully appreciate that could be down to my lathering techniques!)
The Dark Lord of Wet Shaving
Date:- 22 July 2019

Pre-shave:- Cold Water straight from the tap
Brush:- Edwin Jagger Synth. v2.0 Silvertip Fibre Faux Horn 25/58mm knot
Soap/Cream:- Noble Otter ~ Plunder
Bowl/Scuttle:- Captain's Choice
Razor/Blade:- Karve CB Brass 'B' / Polsilver Super Iridium #7
Post/After-shave:- T.N. Dickinson Witch Hazel Astringent mixed into the 240ml bottle with Natural Glycerin (20), Tea Tree Antiseptic (10), Lavender (15) & Peppermint (10 drops)
Fragrance:- Hugo Boss Intense



Sotd - Sunday the 21st and Monday the 22nd of July - both the same.

Razor - Merkur 37c slant
blade - Gillette - 'Aussie Spoiler' - (2&3)
brush - Semogue 2015 HD - silvertip badger
soap - Wickham - 'Apricus'
post - witch hazel
a/s - Myrsol - 'Limon'
balm - Wickham - 'Apricus'
scent - Dior - 'Sauvage' edp.

Result - great - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The mail brought this beautiful postcard sent by my mate in Osaka - he spends a few months every couple of years there with his family - his wife is Japanese and was brought up in the city. We are in the habit of - probably regarded as a bit eccentric these days - of writing to each other - letters or postcards - it is kind of like shaving for me - in the respect that - it can be done in an entirely perfuncatory and mundane way - or in a fashion that gives pleasure. A nice fountain pen - like razors I own way more than I need - flex or music nibs best suit me - good ink and quality paper - it is going to mean more to the recipient than any email or text. So - anyway - the postcard - I was admiring it and realised that there is a penguin at the top of the stairs on the right - now I have never been to Osaka but I'm prepared to bet good money the place isn't exactly thick with the things. What's that about? Actually - there are another two unexpected animals if you look for them. Must be a strange place. Enjoy your shaves - one and all - yours - I.
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