SOTD : Saturday 20th - Friday 26th July

Sunday 21st July

Pears Glycerine Soap
Prorasso Red Soap
Semogue 830 Boar Brush
Ikon SBS Razor on a Bulldog Handle with a Wilkinson/Gillette Blade
Witch Hazel
Dove Moisturiser
Proraso Sandalwood AS

A Sandalwood Sunday. I seldom use the SBS as I still find it difficult to get my head round a CC and an OC on the same head. The base plate was set for the more aggressive option and I had a real cracker of a shave today.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Soap - Proraso Green
Brush - Yaqi Rainbow
Razor - Ball End Tech
Blade - Permasharp SS (3)
Post - Witch Hazel
AS - Akcay Tobacco

A really superb shave today. The Permasharp for the first couple of shaves was a little rough but it seems to smooths out for the 3rd shave and onwards. It's still incredibly sharp though as I got a little careless for the third pass and picked up a nick on the jawline.
My themed shave for this evening was 'Wonky Clocks'


Due to my reduced photographic skills and the use of a phone for really showing them off, having to hide to one side so as not to be included lead to a clock with a most definite lean. 'Bollocks' I thought you can have what comes out the other end........a wonky clock.

A non wonky razor - Black Blacklands Blackbird
A very straight blade - Polsilver Lodz
A 'I couldn't care less if it isn't straight' brush - RazoRock 400 (as per usual until the Cadman arrives)
A very crinkly tube of cream - L'Occitane Cade shaving cream
Another very crinkly tube of cream except this time an aftershave balm - L'Occitane Cade aftershave balm
A well made non crinkly or wonky bottle of scent - Floris Santal

Why in some ways I hate aggressive razors. The trouble with the Blackbird is in the same ilk as the Ikon B1 I so love. Just when you think you've finished the third pass, it continues to find bristles which have long been removed. Or at least this is the impression it gives. First two passes whipped through at lightening speed and the third appearing to take the remainder of the week, but 'hey shit' what a bloody close shave and high grin factor. And if you are not grinning it will quite happily cut you a smile if so wished.

It seems some time since I have used the Cade cream and what a very happy return. There was one point in the past I used nothing else and after a revisit I can understand why. Wonderful in every way. And in a very matching tie and undies type of manner the aftershave balm being a very complementing partner. Feeling very upmarket and clean and in need of a scent.

Reach for the rarely used Floris Santal and I am once again reminded as to why I bought it in the first place. Because it's bloody brilliant. If I'd bothered to search through the cupboard I could have saved myself a bit of money with my quest for a summer scent. Still one can't have enough scents so it was all a worthwhile journey. Heavy with a lovely sweet summery vibe about it.

Mrs Satanfriendly is back this evening after her Yorkshire jaunt and I just hope that being as smooth as a dolphin in an oil slick and smelling heavenly divine her animal instincts come to the surface. I have a funny feeling work may raise its ugly head before any such luck, but I will be the best shaved best smelling tug boat driver on the river.

Have a great week ahead all you folk of the forum and may the predicted lift in the weather bring some sunshine in to your lives

Naff all to do with wonky clocks but there is always space and time for those Japanese Techno dance thrash metal people

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