SOTD : Saturday 20th - Friday 26th July

Sunny Sunderland
Pre Shave Prep: Pears Original Transparent
Brush: Yaqi Rainbow 26mm
Soap: Proraso Red
Razor: Ever Ready HFT-E Bar (NOS)
Blade: GEM PTFE S/S (7)
Post shave: Alum Block, cold water splash, Homemade Bay Rum Witch Hazel
Balm: Proraso Red
Aftershave: Proraso Red

HFT, rain, P Red 1.jpg

A lovely 3 pass smiley faced shave with the ER HFT E-Bar, (y)
Another Red Proraso day, although the soap knife not required as the big Yaqi picked up the soap easily from the soap tub & lathered up a storm in the bowl, all very nice.
A great post shave and those mysterious bumps on my left cheek have subsided? Also nothing from the block today.
So a DFS+ finish, my face back to normal, soft & supple and smelling very much of Proraso Sandalwood.

Postie also dropped of my Chinese Kamisori today, I paid less than £6.50 delivered in 12 days. A very well made copy, looking forward to trying this one as it feels nice in the hand.


Have a great weekend All
Saturday 20th July

Pears Glycerine Soap
Clubman Shaving Soap
Semogue 1800 Boar Brush
Merkur 45C with a Wilkinson/Gillette blade
Witch Hazel
L'Oreal Birch Sap PSB
Clubman Lilac Vegetal AS

Another very early morning start. My first time with the Clubman Soap and I must say I was impressed.....a great lather and a pleasant scent. My local Superdrug is selling it off for 69p per soap and it would only be correct to buy a few more!

3 passes for a Face Feeler......and the weekend has finally arrived:)
Plymouth, Devon

Razor: '67 Gillette Aristocrat Slim (#5)
Blade: Nacet (1)
Brush: Yaqi 24mm Sagrada Familia Synth
Soap: AG AdCC Barberia
Pre: Clubman Oil
ASB: Nivea 2 Phase


Thought I'd use a special razor in the absence of my Rex during the run up to my birthday.

I've not used a Nacet in a few months. What a great blade they are! I'm a big fan of the AG cream and it performed flawlessly once again. I enjoyed using my Fatboy but today is my first time using a Slim (I have a standard slim awaiting use at some point as well). Setting 5 worked for me on the Fatboy and it would appear to also work on the Slim. I'll have to do a shave comparison at some point but they both seem to be great razors.

Overall, a comfortable shave and a DFS finish!
And for this day the theme for my shave was 'Heaven kicked you out, you wouldn't wear a tie'


Indeed heaven did kick me out but whether it had anything to do with not wearing a tie is another question. And the question would be 'What's a tie?'

Dark Angel - ATT SE1 Aluminium
Angel of Death - Kai Captain
Angel Goddess - RazoRock 400
Angel Cake - MWF
Guardian Angel - Witch Hazel
Sweet Angel - Polo Gold Blend


A SOTD with nothing to say beforehand? Never

A change of job location this week took over from life's usual essentials like alcohol, sex and dropping in here with an SOTD or two. My wife was made up on all accounts. However this is not to say I forgave my daily shaving routine as what is the use of getting all showered and shiny and missing a shave? In the main this past week has had me using a very kindly loaned ATT SE1 from @Barry Giddens and of course thank you very much for the opportunity Barry.

It has also been a week of using nothing else except MWF just to remind myself of how crap it is and why it still sits in the soap drawer as against to the bin. Did someone recently make mention of how it is over-hyped rubbish?

The ATT SE1 aluminium rather took me by surprise as to how light it is. People mention how they like razors this way so they can add a little pressure now and then whereas I tend to come from the school of 'heavy' . Not to be deterred straight in with a Kai Captain taken from the Colonial as I do find them a little 'take no prisoner' straight from the box. First shave:

Smooth - Tick in the box
Comfortable - Tick in the box (kind of)
Efficient - Half a tick in the box
Small nick and weepers - Tick in the box

It was a little strange the first time out as I'd thought everything had gone to plan and it was plain sailing shaving all the way. Wrong. Up pop a few stealth nicks and weepers and just as I'd thought 'Bloody great shave' a change of mind has me thinking 'great shave bloody'. It was of course cleaned in Barbicide as per usual and more importantly because it isn't my razor. Strange though as I never felt any of them develop during the shave itself and they never came to the surface until the end.

Mmmmm? I think what caught me out was the weight and I had to rethink how best to approach this razor. Second time out a change of handle to one of the heavy artillery in an ATT Colossus and what a difference. The whole dynamics change and the weight of the handle made for a more comfortable shave by a long shot. The head was now doing its shaving duties with aplomb and the handle was doing the gravity bit. A far better end result with nothing to write home about other than 'Dear Mrs Satanfriendly, today I had a great shave with an ATT SE1'....'Dear Mr Satanfriendly, piss off and stop boring the knickers off me'

Third day out the same and feeling more comfortable with this on loan toy

And so tonight, back to where I started and amazingly not a scratch in sight. Smooth, well shaven and feeling well ready for two of those life's essentials I made mention of at the start. The missus is over in Yorkshire visiting relatives and I can't drink anyway while on my working week. Bugger, bugger and well....bugger. Roll on next week. But at least I did manage a SOTD.

The MWF? Those in the know simply know how good this stuff really is. It lathers, it allows for great shaves. End of. And to those doomsayers

Finally a splash of my my newly acquired Polo Gold Blend which sounds more like a jar of coffee or a packet of rolling tobacco. Happy to say it doesn't smell like either. I find with this one the scent becomes more pronounced and sweeter after a good hour or so on my skin. I bought this after a squirt at the counter initially had me a little dismayed but after a walk around Junction 32 Outlet Village, back to the same counter and a 'yes please'. Damn it the very nice shop assistant even threw in a free Polo bag.

So at the end of today I am feeling lonely, sober but extremely happy. As smooth as Gold Blend Coffee and I think that is next on my agenda this evening.

Have great shaves whoever you all are and may your days be wonderful. And in the words of Therapy? heaven really did kick you out because you wouldn't wear a tie

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